There is a news blackout  in Idlib as the SAA and its new allies form outside the town of Jisr Al-Shughoor.  I might not have reliable material for a few hours on the evolving situation.


Anadaan:  This suburb of Aleppo is key to resolving the siege around Al-Zahraa` and Nibbul.  The Syrian Army has closed a supply route to the area and destroyed a nest of rodents affiliated with the newly formed Jaysh Al-Fath.  The situation there is quite fluid and no assessments have been forwarded.


Al-Firdaws (var coll: Al-Fardoos):  The SAA sprung a trap for a pack of rabid wolves working for the mercenary group linked to Alqaeda.  6 scavengers were counted among the dead:

‘Abdul-Raheem Saalim Zaynu

Muhammad ‘Ali Baydilli

The other four were foreigners, one from Lebanon, another from Jordan and the remaining 2 had Central Asian features but carried stolen Syrian refugee i.d. cards.


Huraytaan:  Another supply route has been closed as security services arrested 3 rat enablers pretending to run a import-export business.


Bayaanoon:  On the International Highway, the SAAF swooped down over the convoy from Turkey and rendered the entire caravan into a string of burning sheet metal, its explosive cargo divulging its contents with carcasses flying into the air like popcorn in a hot pan.


Bani Zayd:  A nest of vultures was exposed by local residents to the security services.  The SAA came in with local PDC and surrounded it.  The buzzards wouldn’t surrender and were all killed.  Instant assessment gave these results:

Sulaymaan Al-Kabreeti

Jaabir Muraad ‘Izqaayaa

‘Abdul-‘Aal Muhsin Burayji

Waa`il Al-Shiliq

Another 2 could not be identified.


Al-Mansoora:  The SAA artillery scored a direct hit on a position occupied by Alqaeda rodents killing 5 and wounding 2 critically.  No names.


Air Force Academy:  ISIS has not stopped trying to enter this bastion of Syria’s eagles.  The photo below was taken some days ago at the site showing the fertilizer bags nourishing the soil of Syria.


Hayyaan, ‘Azzaan, ‘Ibteen, Al-Zabadiyya, Kafr Hamraa, Al-Ashrafiyya all saw skirmishing yesterday.


City:  Fighting here:

‘Ayn Al-Tal Quarter

Baab Al-Hadeed

Karm Al-Maysir


Old City





I have received a report indicating that the SAA monitoring position in both the provincial areas and the city are much improved.  SAA is enjoying watching ISIS exterminate Alqaeda and Jaysh Al-Fath.  When the dust settles, so will our scores be settled with ISIS once and for all.

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