سلاح الجو السوري يستهدف مواقع لإرهابيي داعش في ريف حماة

Al-Khaalidiyya:  The Syrian Army has confirmed the complete withdrawal and defeat of the Jaysh Al-Fath criminals from this town so crucial now to the expected assault on remant rodents in Al-Raashideen  as they try to escape the area.  The artillery fire was intense as rat communications signaled an impending withdrawal under unsustainable pressure.  Citizens inside were providing Intel to the SAA in order to better target the rodents and their fortifications.


Bashkuwy:  At the Jam’iyyaat area, the SAA has taken over control of whole blocks of buildings wresting them away from the rat-clutches of a group of bearded criminals belonging to “Fath Halab”.  The army has reported a confirmed 17 dead rodents in the battle.  This area is very important in that it is a doorway into Rutyaan, a mere 2 kms away.


Bashkuwy:  In the Afghan Quarter, the SAA is now in total control after killing 6 rodents and wounding scores.


Al-Zahraa`:  Heavy fighting reported as successive rat efforts to burrow in or attack with suicide drivers met with failure. It is important to note here that the town has a mostly male population of Shi’is and some loyal Sunnis.  They are very well armed by HZB and the SAA.  Many have now become veterans of insurgency warfare.  It is not easy for the rats to penetrate this town.


Al-Sabeel Quarter in the City:  SAA has blocked an attempted infiltration by Nusra here and killed 4 rats.  Assessment gave the names of only 2 Syrians:

‘Abdul-Fattaah Muraad Abu-Al-Haaj

Faysal Mu`ayyad Saffaar


الجيش يحبط تسلل إرهابيي داعش إلى بلدة جب الجراح بريف حمص

New Aleppo:  This is an area that the rats have been trying to invade for years.  It has wide boulevards distinct from the narrow alleyways of the Old City with its Ottoman roadways so narrow that sometimes only a donkey cart can get through.  In any case, the population here is 100% with the government of Dr. Assad and enjoy a standard of living that is much higher than other areas of Syria.  Tanks move easily up and down the wide roads and between buildings.  TOW rocket operators are regularly sniped here by alert SF and SAA marksmen.


Heavy fighting is reported now in Al-Raashideen Quarter (Area One), Al-Ashrafiyya, Al-Saaliheen.  In Al-Saaliheen, SAAF has been playing a major role in interdicting rat movements.


Kafr Hamraa`, Kuwayris AB, East Al-Ansaari: The Syrian Air Force is swooping down on the huddled rodents with curious regularity.  MANPADS, made available to the Al-Qaeda vermin by the United States and Saudi Arabia, are proving useless as new technology installed on Sukhoi and MiG bombers are capable of neutralizing their once-laureled effectiveness.   In Al-Ansaari, a combination of SAA artillery and SAAF bombings have shaken the rodents to their bones with intercepted communications indicating a dearth of weapons, ammo or drugs.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  The SAA has killed over 14 rats here in 6 sorties targeting nests.  Aerial observation shows many heavy weapons destroyed.


الجيش يحكم السيطرة على حي الأفغان وكتل أبنية في باشكوي بريف حلب الشمالي

Al-Sha’aar Quarter in the City:  More SAAF targeting rodent nests as citizens come forward to spot for MI.


Bani Zayd Quarter:  More SAAF strafing.  Precision strikes, as confirmed by rat communications, prove that their cadres have been penetrated by loyal Syrians who are willing to place homing devices for our forces.  Devastating blow yesterday to Nusra here.


Nests of Jaysh Al-Fath were targeted by the SAAF here:  Balaat, Jubb Ghibsha, Bisirtoon, Tal ‘Alam, Tureedam, Al-Za’laana, Bishantaara.

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