It’s all happening now as I’m receiving a multiplicity of posts, email, articles and memoranda from sources.  Turkey is planning an illegal offensive in Syria which is expected to start during the next few days.  Turkish opposition sources lay the blame for  this on deteriorating poll numbers for Erdoghan’s ruling Justice and Development Party which has seen extensive set-backs during the last few months which include more accusations of defalcation, treachery and usurpation of power.  Add to that the release of all accused military personnel in the Ergenokon “plot” and anti-Erdoghan protesters due to invalid or tainted evidence.  Erdoghan’s fragrance in Europe has also been infused recently with notes of sewage, compost material and Camembert cheese.  Erdoghan knows his days are numbered and he’s hoping a foreign adventure will divert attention from his unrelenting woes to a dream-like military campaign with all the bluster and hurly-burly of a world war.

I have read that the Russians have warned Erdoghan about such adventures.  We have written extensively about Russia’s strategic interests in maintaining a reliable warm-water port in the Mediterranean.  Cypress, a EU member, is nice to have on board, of course, but Syria is a traditional ally with a president who looks eastward when it comes to planning the future of his country. The Cypriots have no such inclinations.  Moreover, we have discussed the planned Iranian pipeline across Iraq to Syria’s ports carrying natural gas to Europe, of course, under the supervision of Gazprom, the Russian energy giant and monopoly. But, don’t forget also that the Russians have a commitment from Syria to develop the huge newly-discovered natural gas reservoirs under the Mediterranean.  Russia will not give these up.  Putin already told Patriarch Kiril that he would rather see terrorists dancing in the streets of Moscow than in Damascus.

Iran has a mutual defense pact with Syria and that treaty could be invoked the moment Turks enter Syria with a bold armored force.  Unlike the minor incursion to remove the tomb of Osman’s grandfather some months ago (with the apparent collusion of ISIS), an attack of the kind about which we are talking would be the natural trigger.  I am monitoring Iranian newscasts closely looking for hints of preparations.

From a NATO point of view, Turkey could not invoke its own membership status since it was invading a sovereign nation without U.N.S.C. or NATO resolutions backing the attack.  Russia will demand condemnation of Turkey’s actions and a resolution memorializing the world’s contempt will be adduced.  But, as my readers all know, the completely amoral and terrorism-supporting  governments of France, Britain and the U.S. will veto the resolution in another act of hypocrisy so blatant one’s hands tremble at the mere intimation of vicarious embarrassment.

The plan was hatched in Ankara under the auspices of the wretched banana-addicted apes of Qatar whose own interests would be smashed into oblivion if the Iranian pipeline was ever extended to Syria. The plan was to establish a solid foothold in the north of Syria.  The Aleppo offensive has ground to a halt with the Syrian Army’s encirclement of the northern capital.  Supply lines from Southern Turkey have been cut.  Hence, the attack on Idlib which was accomplished using an heretofore unprecedented three-truck suicide barrage and (according to Syrian security sources), a breach in the defenses occasioned by a group of treasonous members of the National Defense Forces (PDC).  This was followed by a takeover of most of the town of Jisr Al-Shughoor although no supply lines for government forces have yet been cut.

With Iran’s sanctions set to expire soon after June, 2015, a new and energized Teheran would be the last thing the apes of Ankara and Riyaadh would want.  Flush with new wealth, Iran could more easily buttress the economy of Syria as the SAA continues to sweep away the syphilis-carrying rats who keep mouthing that nihilistic and meaningless “Allahu Akbar”.    

The attack on Damascus would take place from the Qalamoon, Qunaytra and, possibly, from Der’ah in the south.  The idea would be to overwhelm Syrian forces by utilizing Saudi Arabian air power.  (Yawn).  In the north, the Turks are expected to use their American-manufactured bombers to assist the Alqaeda rodents.  Syrian missiles were supposed to be kept at bay by the Patriot Missile System batteries provided by certain NATO countries.  The Turks have seriously miscalculated.

Turkey’s miscalculations are typical of those which are concocted for political reasons.  The Turks have failed to consider the presence of Syria’s Eskandar missile system which was deployed by Russia specifically to take out the Patriots. Once that is done and the Patriots are exuding smoke, Syria can rain SCUDs on all Turkey’s dams on the Euphrates.  This will be Dr. Assad’s crowning moment.

For the Saudis, this is no Yemen.  Only the Zionists have experience skirting around the Pantsyr and Antei systems in place in southern Syria.  The Saudis, whose pilots are almost all retired Egyptians and Pakistanis, will find the skies over Syria a bit more challenging than those over the poorest of Arab countries. No, the Saudis will have to look around carefully after Syrian SCUDs devastate their sprawling base at Tabook.  And if Russia does what it seriously wants to do, i.e. give the Saudis a bloody nose with a few cruise missiles lobbed from the many submarines in the Red Sea, well, then we’ll be in a different world altogether.  And, if the Iranians, enraged by hints the Saudis will execute Al-Shaykh Nimr Al-Nimr in a few days, decide to unleash their massive missile array at the Dhahraan oil fields, sing the Saudi simians “Sayonara”.

All of you know that Hizbollah has positioned troops around the Jurood ‘Arsaal area with many also on the Syrian side.  It’a joint Syrian-Hizbollah plan to eradicate the rats.  In the meantime, the Syrian Army continues to plan and move in the Idlib area:


Darkoosh:  The SAAF is flying 20 sorties a day over this area so close to the Turk border and around the adjacent village of Zarzoor.  A convoy coming in from Turkey loaded with new weapons paid for by the Saudi pigs was annihilated here.  They’ll have to try again.


Ghaaniyya and Ishtabraq Villages:  Here, Nusra/Alqaeda, Faylaq Al-Shaam, Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam and, Liwaa` Al-Haqq, all concentrate.  Last night they received a ritual nightly shower of FROG and GRAD missiles peppered with some artillery as they tried to sleep. No such luck. Early morning reports monitored by Syrian intelligence services depict a chaotic situation with demands for resupply.  No other details.


Qumaynaas:  A pickup with heavy caliber machine gun cannon was destroyed.  Reports of large losses to the rats. No other details.


Al-Mu’allaqa:  For all the liars who believe this is a Syrian civil war, let it be known that the body count in Al-Mua’llaqa of 24 carcasses proved all of them were non-Syrian terrorists.


Ayn Al-Sawdaa: East of Jisr Al-Shughoor, the SAA and PDC wiped out a pack of 11 rats 3 of whom were actually carrying valid Syrian identification:

Muhammad Al-‘Abed Al-Sayyid-‘Ali

Saafi ‘Abdul-Kareem ‘Aatullaah

Zayneddeen Muhammad Jamaali


Ihsim and Kafr Laataa in the Areeha area:  SAA fended off several attacks by bearded rodents.  No other details.


Kafr Haayaa:  Confirmed 6 Nusra/Alqaeda rats killed in firefight with SAA.  Many weapons and much ammunition seized and distributed to our militias. We would like to thank the feudal kingdom of Saudi Scarabia for the nice contribution.


Bisaamis:  Pretty much the same as Kafr Haayaa.  Received the same information about a firefight with the rats giving up some weapons.


Qastoon:  Syrian Army blasting its way into this town and the Nusra rats screaming for help as SAA flies overhead keeping the rodents from fanning out or escaping.


Al-Sirmaaniyya in Hamaa:  This just in, a special operations group from the SAA set up this trap at the far northwestern part of Hamaa Province.  I was asked not to reveal why this operation is important.  In any case, the rodents were caught unawares and the body count is over 20 at the present.  Weapons and ammo all confiscated.  Big operation.


Jisr Al-Shughoor and the ‘Ayn Al-Sawda Axis:  The SAAF if flying regular day and night sorties destroying weapons depots and destroying vehicles.



Short and sweet.  How the Obama people are trying to stave off charges of incompetence:


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