So much talk these days about the West concocting new plans to divvy up the Near East.  The term “Near East” suggests imperialism, as it should. After all, there is the near one, the middle one and the far one, all expressions made up by the English and French to describe their dominions in Asia.  The closest part is, of  course, Western Asia where you find Syria and Iraq.  There is a middle part, once called the Middle East to refer to Afghanistan all the way to East India, and, there is a far part, way over on the Pacific Ocean which is appropriately called the Far East.  Get it?  It’s all very neat, just like a Britons’s public life.  All discipline and protocol.  But, it’s also like a Briton’s private life in the way it unfolds – sado-masochism, cross-dressing, boy-buggery and a good episode with the oak switch to keep the young lads keen.

There are two reasons why the West is obsessed with partition:

1.  Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari said it several times in speeches – twice here in Michigan.  He minced no words.  Zionism needs new political states based on religious identity in order to justify the Zionist Entity’s existence as a Jewish State;

2.  The U.S. and its Arabian Wahhabist “allies” want to stop the gas pipeline through Iraq to Syria and break the Fatimid Crescent extending from its main beneficiary, Iran.

The first postulate justifies the Zionist insistence that their ghetto state which was built on the flesh and bones of the indigenous people of Southern Syria (Palestine) by foreigners from Eastern Europe be declared “Jewish”.  That their counterfeit nation is surrounded by other nations which identify themselves by religion confirms their bigoted philosophy.

The second postulate simply creates areas where Iran cannot expand, such as the central Iraqi desert bordering Syria – exactly the area through which the pipeline is to be built for transit to Syrian ports.  Such an area would be declared Sunni and, ergo, anti-Shi’I, anti-Iran. Or so the U.S. seems to think.

Joe Biden, America’s irrepressible and crackpottish veep sounded out his beliefs for a fractured Iraq back in 2012 when he wrote so much in an essay for the New York Times.  His premise was that Iraq cannot go on existing in a civil war based on rival ethnicities and religions; there must be a Kurd state in the north, a Sunni state at the center and a Shi’i state to the south.  It is doubtful Sunnis are going to be excited about such a dissection of their country seeing all the oil is found in the Kurd and the Shi’I areas leaving the Sunnis with the only profitable option: allow Iran to extend its gas pipeline through Sunni areas in order to tax the transit.  Gee, I wonder if the Neo-Con imbeciles thought about that?  If they hadn’t, they’d better.  Now, with such enlightenment, they can contrive to find measures to insure that the Sunnis in Iraq won’t fall into another Persian trap.  But, it won’t work.

Moreover, it would be nice to block Iran’s meddling in all affairs Levantine.  By creating a central Sunni state, Iran won’t be able to overfly Iraqi territory with Baghdad’s permission in order to supply its allies in Hizbollah and Syria.  With the Sunni state surrounded by Jordan, Turkey and Kurdistan, all Sunni nations, the Iranians will have to ship their aid to Lebanon and Syria by sea all of which can be interdicted by the U.S. and its allies.  That’s how the Neo-Con morons and their white Pentagon factotums think.  As always, American thinking is seriously flawed.

And even more so, ISIS has its own role to play in all this.  I have published articles by others exposing the plan to create a “Takfiri State” in eastern Syria, as though that would be a fall-back for the U.S. in the event the Iraqi Sunni state decided it liked collecting transit fees from Iran.  So clever, isn’t it?  Not really.

The American plan is indistinguishable from the British one.  Americans want you to believe that they have had a change of heart about Dr. Assad.  Oh, they’ll always grimace or wince whenever his name is mentioned as a reminder they have not lost contact with the basic principles they never really had, but, they also want you to suspect that they’ve come to the realization that Assad, as a secular leader, is better for the U.S. than the crazed, demonic mass murderers in ISIS or Al-Qaeda/Nusra.  That impression is crucial to softening the blow when you finally learn that the U.S. is committed to setting up a concatenation of failed states in the region to protect the Zionist Settler State and to insure dependency upon – guess who?

The Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine does not share the public American position.  Instead, it views the growth of Takfiri groups as the inevitable price to pay for having surrounding states defined by their religion, as we mentioned in the foregoing.  Add to that the belief that fighting irrational terrorists like those in Alqaeda or ISIS is better than facing a rational enemy who is planning to attack you with stealth, technology and organization.

While it would seem that the U.S. is fixated on Iranian expansion, the real fear is Russia profiting from Iran’s growth.  Nobody can doubt that Putin’s vision of Russia’s future involves a calculated emanation of power from Moscow, a “ten-times fingering” consumption of available assets all meant to feed Russia’s appetite for growth and facilitate its accumulation of power.  And all at the expense of American and European influence.

Tearing up the Near East creates an anarchic world in which Russia cannot function at will.  Syria and Iraq, the Palestinians included, are linked historically to Russia’s former incarnation as the Soviet Union.  There is a fear that it’s all too easy for these countries, Syria and Iraq, to fall back into old habits and dependencies.  By creating Sunni states of various degrees and geographies juxtaposed with the Shi’i-controlled nation states of Iraq, Syria (Alawi) and Lebanon (Hizbollah), the U.S. can preserve its ability to maneuver against what appears to be a Russian-Iranian juggernaut.

At a more microcosmic level, you have Qatar, a peninsula on a peninsula – a thumb sticking out into the Persian Gulf – a state slightly larger than the duchies around it controlled by an in-bred species of hyena notable for its immutable dress code.  Qatar knows it is facing extinction once the gas pipeline to Syria is finished.  Iran will be able to sell its gas much cheaper than what the Qataris could market by the use of ships.  The Qataris desperately want that pipeline for themselves and were devastated when Dr. Assad told them he was opting for the Iranian deal.  That drove the Qataris insane.  How could a Syrian Arab raised on the tenets of Arab nationalism prefer the Aryan state of Iran to the Semitic-language speaking state of Qatar?   And all the great plans we all had to build up the Syrian coast with hotels, resorts – the whole island of Arwaad to become a Qatari-financed Atlantis – thrown into the drink because of Syria’s obsession with that Zionist Entity.

What did Qatar do?  It opened up its coffers to anyone who would create the chaos we see today in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Saudis don’t care about gas.  It’s oil they care about.  It’s Shi’I Iran’s growth into areas the Saudis thought they should control forever.  It’s the fear the Iranians have already built a nuclear weapon which they can use to blackmail Sunni Arab countries – to dominate the Gulf under the influence of Russia. The Saudis never cared about the Shah – he was pro-American and, therefore, by force of logic, pro-Saudi.  His army policed the Gulf to keep it safe for Wahhabism.  To the Saudis, the Shah was a good apostate.

So what did the Saudis do?  Opened up their coffers and activated the thousands of clerics under their financial control worldwide to exhort every unemployed, disgruntled, depressed young Muslim man to go and fight the “holy” war in Syria for the promise of a good salary, good weapons and, in the even of martyrdom, a mansion in Paradise in which beautiful virginal angels relax in poses called odalisques, all anxiously awaiting the arriving hero of Islam. Yawn.

The Saudis are broke.  They are broke because they cannot finance foreign education for over 12,000 Saudi students who are waiting hopelessly for a chance to study abroad.  Saudi men have been informed that the kingdom is “under pressure” financially.  They won’t admit that the Saudi-initiated collapse in the price of oil is killing the economy.  They won’t tell their subjects that the wars they are financing in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq has cost the people over 20 billion dollars with no end in sight and no hope for any negotiated resolution – the Saudis won’t have any of it.  The Saudis have blocked every effort to bring the Syrian opposition together with the government to help end the carnage.  Why?

The Saudis have a personality which is typically Arabian.   They’re used to having their way because they used to be able to buy anything they wanted.  You can see that in the way the French are dealing with the Saudis. It’s all money.  Hollande needs Saudi money to prop up his disastrous fiscal policies and he’s doing everything possible short of dancing to the Saudi accordion.  This is what the Saudis have come to expect.  When Dr. Assad told them to go fly a kite, because he was benefiting from the Iranian Connection, they lost their minds.  The Saudi policy of frittering away the treasure of their country is directly linked to the mentality of apes incapable of making rational decisions.  They’re just stupid.  No other explanation suffices.

In order to oust Dr. Assad, to blunt the growth of Iran, to stymy Russia’s expansion;  all these parties, England, the U.S., France, the EU, NATO, their Arabian allies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E., some Sunni states which thrive only when thrown a bone like Jordan, connived, contrived, colluded and confederated to deracinate the one government in the Arab World which was defending Palestinian rights, Syrian rights, the right to resist oppression and occupation, the right to develop in freedom…..and so forth…..the one Arab country which enjoyed a 6% annual growth rate with an army that everybody should figure out by now was capable of locking horns with the legendary canard of the invincible Zionist military machine.

If Obama thinks he’s going to have a partitioned Near East, he can only have that over our dead bodies.  It appears he’s half way there.  But, the people of this region are becoming aware of this plan and the Americans might be surprised to find out that Syria, for one, which is ruled, not by Alawis, but by Sunnis, is not going to go along with the plan.  And the Iraqis might shock Washington by asking Americans to leave their country in order to link up with Moscow.  What will the Neo-Cons do next?  That episode is evolving.  Ziad A. Fadel


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