Even in death, Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqaawi exuded stupidity, or, at the very least, brutish ignorance, hence, the reverence he inspires from the Islamic World’s most mutton-headed promoters of cannibalism and savagery.   His only innovation was decapitating men with a dull bread knife. 


2015-05-21 07_03_47-ISIS_ Inside the Army of Terror - Kindle edition by Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan

Part II of our on-going review and analysis of the recently published study titled ISIS: INSIDE THE ARMY OF TERROR (Regan Arts, New York, 2015), authored by Michael Weiss (a Jewish neo-con katsa) and Hassan Hassan (a purported Syrian and Zionist stooge mabuah) starts with the first chapter.  Our first part handled the Introduction which our readers can review once again if they scroll back to April 26, 2015 just to insure they won’t miss a single succulent, savory soupcon of sarcasm.

The writers title their first chapter, “The Founding Father”, a reference to the illustrious head-slicing Jordanian thug and professional creep, Abu Mus’ab AlZarqaawi.  (Real name: Ahmad Fadheel Al-Nazzaal Al-Khalaayila, d.o.b. Oct. 30, 1966)  His place of birth is “scruffy” Al-Zarqaa` just north of the Jordanian capital Amman. Al-Zarqaa` shares with other towns of Natural Syria, such as Jisr Al-Shughoor, Irbid and Der’ah, certain traits best described as “intolerance”, “pigheadedness”, “dull-dull-dull” and, of course, “odoriferous”.  Nothing and nobody ever came out of Al-Zarqaa` to illuminate the world – it was to the contrary that Abu Mus’ab, its most celebrated icon, emerged only to baptize it in the cesspool with the deepest tones of black.

Like the fictional ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Kuwan (sic) in the Introduction, a young rat who craved membership in ISIS,  Abu Mus’ab, also, was a social reject and academic flop with which his hometown of Al-Zarqaa` is replete.  There seems to be a pattern developing here.  According to the authors, Abu Mus’ab wrote Arabic at a “semiliterate” level, drank alcohol and marketed bootlegged booze.  Some of his acquaintances declared him “pimp” and, so it came to pass, his first run-in with the law was for drug possession and criminal sexual conduct.  It was obvious to everyone that Abu Mus’ab was destined to become a leader of the “Muslim Umma” somewhere in a parallel universe.  Oh, boy. Yet, diabolical, depraved, dysfunctional dudes like Abu Mus’ab have mothers, even if they are from Al-Zarqaa`.  This mother could detect her son was headed for a life up the river in the Big Slammer and did what any righteous Muslim dame would do: she sent him to a school for wayward pimps, drug dealers and rapists,  an institution called “Al-Hussayn Bin ‘Ali Mosque”, amazingly, a mosque named after a Shi’i saint!  He became a true believer and like most good Jordanians, also became a rabid Shi’i-hater.  It was at this mosque he learned about Salafism – the doctrine which extolled the virtues of ancestral Ur-Muslims whose behavior was to be aped religiously.  And like St. Paul, whose own epiphany has become a touchstone for all recovering tax collectors and villains, Abu Mus’ab too, saw the light and embraced nihilism, a bras ouverts, at its core.


I need to stop here to discuss something that occurred to me when I first read the entire book.  I thought it noteworthy that the authors chose a publishing company by the name of Regan Arts.  One would have thought a seminal work on the international scourge of ISIS would have drawn the interest of the most venerable publishing houses in New York City – something along the lines of Alfred Knopf, Random House,  Harper Collins and the like – houses known to pay handsomely in advance for the rights to a book.  I remember Randy Shilts’ study of the first AIDs carrier, Patient Zero,  (“And the Band Played On”) and the scandalous feeding frenzy attendant to his publishing the book before his own death from HIV.  But, in retrospect,  it seems that such a book written by scoundrels aping charlatans like Stephen Emerson would opt for a push-over publishing house like Regan Arts which would rush the book to press with minimal editing in order to seize all the riches generated by confused and terrified Joes, like your editor, keen on absorbing all the juicy details of the terrorism lifestyle.

Judith Regan is the founder of the publishing house (2013) which foisted upon the world this farrago of mendacities.  It is interesting to note that subsequent interest in the book came mostly from entrenched and irreversibly numb-skulled propagandists at Fox News.  Now, get this: Judith Regan is not Jewish!  That was a real let-down for me because, as I researched her background, I was hoping to find an aside to the effect that she was born “Leah Rachel Boogengruber-Teufelstein”.  Well, she was the next best thing.  She is of Irish and Sicilian provenience, 2 ethnic groups notorious for establishing some of the most colorful organized crime networks in the United States.

Well, once I got over the shock of not discovering her secret Cabalistic origins, I noted to my eternal delight that she worked for the National Enquirer (1971)!  With credentials like that, you wonder how she ever avoided the next step downward to Cracked Magazine or the neo-Hoxhian “ALBANIAN LIFE”.  Anyways, she had a much-publicized affair with disgraced NYPD Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, a protégé of career deceiver and master hypocrite, Rudolph Giuliani.  Yet, the kicker was her role as producer for Judeo-Hispano-Yankee schlockmeister, Geraldo Rivera!  This career move battened down her future as an inevitable talking head on Fox News – America’s ever-consistent source of white retrogressive perseveration masquerading as serious political badinage.

One of her first publishing scores:  “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss.  And so, we come to “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror”.


I have always respected the Messenger Muhammad Abu Al-Qaassim, the founder of the Islamic faith and his Companions.  When I read about Salafists like Abu-Mus’ab, I recoil in horror at the bland way they misread Muhammad’s own history – I recollect how he struggled to “peacefully” resolve his differences with his pagan kinsmen in Mecca and how that was finally memorialized in the monumental Sura of “Al-Fath”, more often than not mistranslated as “conquest” or “triumph” when its true meaning is “opening” – as in the “opening of men’s hearts” after the Treaty of Hudaybiyya.  I’m reminded frequently of Hannah Arendt’s study of the “Banality of Evil”, how the creepiest degenerates of German society, people like Eichman, Streicher, Himmler and Goebbels, wound up ruling so many unfortunates by a process that propelled “stupid” individuals into the mainstream of society with attendant systemic infection.

I have written about the word “jihad” in a separate article for SyrPer. You are welcome to Zoogle it and fortify yourself for the one sentence the authors of ISIS devote to this much-misunderstood concept.  It is here that Abu Mus’ab, naturally, adopted the most recondite meaning in order to justify his sociopathology.  He traveled to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet occupation.  At Hayatabad, he found Usaamaa Bin Laadin who made the town his HQ and Grundwerke for the new army he was determined to build.  Abu Mus’ab met a Palestinian named ‘Abdullah ‘Azzaam, a rabblerousing crypto-evangelical Muslim proselytizing codpiece who wrote the book basically reaffirming the notional concept of “Daar Al-Islam” and “Daar Al-Harb” obliging all perverse Muslims to converge like flotsam at the mouth of a sewer to fight the evil modernistic Russkies.   

The book goes on to describe Abu Mus’ab’s relocation to the infamous border town of Peshawar, a lawless municipality which is part Beirut and part Hanoi; a place where you can buy magazines for discontinued Berretta 7.67 pistols or saddles for your unicorns.  To the authors, the Jihad against the USSR was distinguishable from the Palestinian Resistance Movement in that it was pure, undiluted and focused.  The Palestinian Movement was impure – infected with secularism and what they refer to as “the jet-set Leninist terrorism of Carlos the Jackal”, whatever that means.  Other bizarre historical associations compare ‘Azzaam to Marx and Bin Laden as Engels.  But, then, ‘Azzaam is described as the teacher and Bin Laden the pupil, a relationship which eventually fell apart when Bin Laden took up with Dr. Ayman Al-Zawaahiri, the Egyptian plastic surgeon who was renowned for his complicity in the assassination of traitor and sycophant, Anwar Sadat.  Apparently, Bin Laden was impressed with Zawaahiri’s insistence that a Muslim must kill another Muslim if the latter did not meet the standards of the skewed morality of this new Salafism, a requirement ‘Azzaam rejected.

Touching stories abound in this chapter such as when Abu Mus’ab offered his sister in marriage to Salaah Al-Haami who predated Syrian Air Force janitor, Col. Riyaadh Al-As’ad, in the leg-amputee  category and who believed that such disfigurement would prevent him from finding a suitable spouse.  Abu Mus’ab’s sister (I call her Esmeralda after the Victor Hugo gypsy heroine of the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”), rushed to Pakistan in order to tie the knot with Captain Pegleg.  After attending the nuptials, Abu Mus’ab returned to Jordan only to be bird-dogged by security police.  Here he joined a Salafist group where he proved himself an “intellectual lightweight”.  He distinguished himself as a procurer of post-Desert Storm weapons.  He was arrested by the Jordanian Gestapo and was imprisoned.  At trial, he denounced the court as a blaspheming tribunal of trollops and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The authors believe it is prison which acts an incubator for terrorism.  He became the “bitch” of the penitentiary.  He fancied himself a “faqeeh” and beat the stuffing out of anyone who dared to challenge his neo-Stalinist theology.  He ostracized anyone reading books by blasphemers.  He learned how to body build using ordinary implements.  He garnered 8 1/2 months of solitary confinement after challenging established authority.  According to one of their “anonymous” (read: fictional) sources, Abu Mus’ab was in the equivalent of the Harvard University for criminals.

After getting amnesty when Dwarf King ‘Abdullah II replaced his even more dwarfish father, Hussein, Abu Mus’ab traveled to Pakistan again and met up with the Biggest Cheese in the world of terrorism, Bin Laden himself.  That occurred in Kandahar.  The authors claim Bin Laden suspected Abu Mus’ab of being an agent for the Jordanian monarchy. Add to that Abu Mus’ab’s vulgar tattoos of Lily St. Cyr, his arrogance and rigid views (can anyone believe this?) which also poisoned the relationship.  He was rejected for membership in Alqaeda.

SyrPer believes that tattoos of Lily  St. Cyr drove Bin Laden insane and resulted in a war between him and Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqaawi. Madame St. Cyr was not available for comment having died in 1999.


Bin Laden, who was no cleric, issued a fatwa anyways denouncing the U.S. for its “occupation” of Iraq and the holy sand of Saudi Arabia.  Americans, who gave Bin Laden every kind of assistance possible in helping him to oust the Soviets were, no doubt, shocked by his about-face.  He called for war against American soldiers and found an ally in Al-Zarqaawi who, unlike Bin Laden, drew a bead on Shi’is and deviant Sunnis (the authors write “drew a bull’s-eye, sic).  You see, according to the authors, Bin Laden harbored no animus toward Shi’is, his mother being an Alawite!  This is quite a bombshell.  Your editor believes Bin Laden’s mother was a Palestinian.  The authors goofed here: Bin Laden’s umpteenth wife, Najwaa Ghaanim, whom he married in Latakia was a Sunni.  Great research.

Abu Mus’ab is eventually tasked with running a training camp in Herat, Afghanistan on the border with Iran.  It started out as a group of Levantines but transmogrified into “Al-Tawheed wa Al-Jihaad”.  Some of his graduates gained notoriety by assassinating U.S. citizen, Laurence Foley, in Amman and planning an ugly CW attack in the Jordanian capital.

At Herat, an ally of Abu Mus’ab’s took advantage of the Western-imposed no-fly zone in Iraq by creating a terrorist organization called Jund Al-Islam in the Kurdish area of the north.  It merged eventually into Ansaar Al-Islam which targeted the Ba’ath in Iraq and the secular Kurds.  American baloney became epidemic around this time turning the proud American general, Colin Powell, into nothing more than some Pinocchio to be scorned and reviled by an incredulous public.

The authors also ascribe to Abu Mus’ab an interest in history which he must have developed in prison, I would think, seeing his pre-incarceration scholastic performance was mostly abysmal.  He wanted to emulate Sultan Noor-Al-Deen Zangi, another genocidal Turk, whose principal avocation was exterminating genocidal Christians.

In a section titled “Iranian Patronage”, the authors reveal their slimy personalities in a manner so grotesque it defies description.  They tie Iran to Abu Mus’ab claiming he settled in the north of the country after leaving Afghanistan. He also went to Syria where the Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate believe he plotted Mr. Foley’s assassination with the “connivance” of Dr. Assad’s security services. Unbelievable lying!  There is no reference to anything for this nonsense in the “Notes” section at the end of the book. It’s fabrication by liars, pure and simple.

The chapter concludes with a quote from another one of those “high-level” Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate sources quoted in the Atlantic magazine in 2006 in an article by Mary Anne Weaver.   Basically, it proves the authors’ main point: Iran is an evil empire bent on destroying the United States and conquering Iraq.

They conclude this chapter with Abu Mus’ab’s obsessive hatred of Shi’is whom he regularly demonized in order to create the conditions necessary to ignite a civil war which would bring Sunnis to the front.  Interestingly, as your editor first wrote in explaining how Mosul fell, it was Saddam’s Ba’ath which would become so disenfranchised thanks to Bremer, that It gladly provided the vehicle for the rise of ISIS in Iraq.   ZAF



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