مقتل 30 إرهابياً من داعش بتفجير عبوة كبيرة في ريف السويداء

AL-SUWAYDAA GOVERNORATE:  Syrian Army engineers were ordered to mine a road on which the terrorists of ISIS were planning to traverse with fully loaded trucks and a complement of 4 pickupS armed with 23mm Doschkas.  The total number of terrorists was estimated last night at over 50.  The mines are manufactured by the Syrian Military Industry and are designed to explode by remote detonation.  The route planned by the ISIS rodents was known due to intercepted communications between enemy commanders and these unfortunate blundering idiots.  The road was the highway linking Damascus to Suwaydaa.  The operation was set on a site between the Khalkhala Airbase and the villages of Al-Khaalidiyya and Al-Lahtha.

The ISIS convoy was coming out of an area between Iraq and Jordan.  The aim, evidently, was to attack the airbase which sits on the border of the rocky wilderness of Al-Lijaat.  That was not to happen, obviously.  The Syrian Army is now searching for stray rodents hobbling around the countryside trying to regroup.  As of the count this morning, the number of carcasses is 39.


army 1

Al-Fidyayn Village:  Syrian Army artillery blasted a pack of ISIS rodents west of Asfar Village.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed along with 3 vans and a truck.




Al-Qurna Summit:  This elevation is highly prized for its grand view of the plains below.  As of this Thursday morning, Damascus time, Syrian Special Operations Commandos invaded the summit and killed 12 Alqaeda/Nusra rodents.


‘Assaal Al-Ward foothills:  The Syrian Army assaulted a pack of rats affiliated with Al-Qaeda/Nusra and killed 7.  Of the 7, 3 were Syrians:

Nibraas Al-Hakeem

Raaji Ahmad Silwaadi

Hammaad Khaalid ‘Asfoor


معركة الجبال.. الجيش يسيطر مرتفع القرنة الاستراتيجي في القلمون

Al-Jubba:  Another assault by SAA forces in preparation for the major campaign to eradicate the rats in the Qalamoon. I have no other details.


Jurood Al-Tufayl:  SAAF struck a vehicle carrying Nusra leaders killing all aboard.  No specific assessment available.


Jurood Al-Jubba:  Fighting here with no details.


Qab’ Sha’ab Al-Jamaa’ah between ‘Assaal Al-Ward and Al-Tufayl Foothills:  A 120mm mortar launcher was hit head-on by SAA artillery killing every rat around it.  Once the bombardment was over, the SAA sent in infantry to clean up.  What they found was a factory for making IEDs and a civilian automobile being rigged for explosion in a civilian area.  The assessments were completed and the count was 41 carcasses with many wounded:

Fareed Muhammad Al-Beetaaar

Faysal Habeeb Deewaani

Na’eem ‘Ali Dunyaa

Muhammad Ibraaheem ‘Aabid-Rabbuh

‘Adnaan Ahmad Al-Shatti

’Umar Miqdaad Abu-Sa’ad

Sajee’ ‘Abdul-Haleem Ma’shari

No others were named.  Many foreigners.


LATAKIA:  The rats can’t break into this area so prized for the utterly nonsensical fact that it is the president’s home province.


Markashliyya Village in the direction of the Al-Nabi Yunus Summit:  The SAA has established complete control over the village which was abandoned 2 years ago wresting it away from Alqaeda/Nusra.


Jubb Al-Ahmar Village:  Complete control by SAA.

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