الجيش يسيطر على عدة نقاط باتجاه قمة النبي يونس بريف اللاذقية

HOMS:  The front here is going so well we almost forgot about it.  The campaign to retake all Idlib and Jisr Al-Shughoor has occupied so much of our time that we have ignored significant developments in other areas.  Not today.


Abu Hawaadeed Village in the east saw the SAAF harry remnant ISIS rodents who appear to be gradually losing heart what with the comatose Caliph of Cockadoodledoo lounging in a Zionist hospice.  A reported 4 rats counted dead after aerial assessment.


East Salaam Village:  ISIS has admitted to losing 7 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons in a battle that took place on Sunday.  No other details.


Al-Rastan:  The SAA has killed a former leader of “The Military Council” (ooh, aaah) and chief of the “Operations Room” in Al-Rastan:

Zaaher Ayyoob (Rat leader)

Burhaan ‘Issaam Qaddoom

Nizaar Saleem Al-Durr

Arshad Sa’adeddeen Al-‘Issaami

Hassan Bilaal Al-Adham

8 others were foreigners nobody bothered to identify.


Dayr Fool:  The Syrian Army destroyed 6 pickups with 23mm cannons in a raid on a large depot:

Saddaam Al-Zu’ayb (Leader of “Tullaab Al-Shihaada” or “Seekers of Martyrdom”. “Seek and ye shall find”. Tee hee hee.)

‘Abdul-Qaadir Sabooh (His name in old Arabic means a wine you drink in the morning.  Let’s see how it tastes in Hell.)

‘Imaad Waleed Al-Saayigh

Moussaa Naassir-Al-Deen

Another 10 were not named.


North Al-Mushayrifa Village:  This report is dated April 24, 2015.  Rats raided Al-Khattaab Village and got killed by SAA:

Jawaad Salaah ‘Abdul-Rahmaan

Akram Shalaayaa

Nawaaf Al-Faaris

Another 7 were deemed foreign for various reasons such as literature in their cargo pockets.


Umm Sahreej Village:  The SAA surrounded and snuffed a pack of hyenas here:

Ahmad Qaassim Suways

Zaaher Ayyoob

Haytham Muneef Al-Lahhaam

No other details.


مقتل متزعمين لإرهابيي النصرة في هجوم على الحدود السورية اللبنانية

Al-Mahaassa Village:  Terrorist assassins  have killed a notorious child molester and drug dealer working for Nusra/Alqaeda.  He was found shot to death along with 11 others in his gang.   Nobody’s looking for the suspects.

“Abu ‘Aamir” (Id pending.)


Jadhal Natural Gas Field, Al-‘Ilyaaniyya, Hoosees Village, Al-Saalihiyya all saw action with both SAA and SAAF hammering down on the fleeing rodents.


All these areas saw some skirmishing: Rajm Al-Qassr, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Mas’ada, Al-Sultaaniyya, Umm Sahreej, Kafr Laahaa.



Pepe’s article is a must-read for anyone interested in the evolution of hypocrisy and treachery: (Thanks to the Thylacine)


And, here’s the interview with whistle-blower Springman, thanks again to the Thylacine:




John Esq. sends this moment from Idlib. Enjoy:


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