الجيش السوري



City: On the Meteorological Observatory Road, 1 pickup with a 23mm cannon and a van loaded with rats and ammunition was sent to Rodent Hell.  Also on board were a rocket launcher and a mortar belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.  This area is rife with vermin belonging to Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob, Kataa`ib Mujaahidiyy Hawraan, Kateebat Madfa’iyyat Sijjeel:

Faarooq Saleem Wahab

Muhammad Al-Shaaker Al-Qattaar

‘Umar Baasil Abu-Zahraa`

The other 5 could not be identified and are known foreign Jordanian rodents. 


Tal Hamad on the south foot of the hill between Nawaa and Al-Shaykh Miskeen.  The SAA has expanded its hold on this area after killing 14 vermin in a firefight.  I have no other details.


West Simleen Village:  A large weapons cache was confiscated after the SAA killed these from Al-Nusra/Alqaeda:

‘Abdu Jameel Al-Hareeri

Raafi’ ‘Abdul-Ghafoor Muslihi

Mustafaa Al-Tayyib Al-Ghannooj (Id pending. Fake papers)

Muhammad Haarith Al-Sayyid-Hassan

Ibraaheem Muhammad Al-Salaamaa

No other names were sent and I have no further details.


Kafr Naasij:  No details about this engagement.  I was informed that a Nusra/Alqaeda weapons depot was invaded and its contents seized by SAA.


City:  Al-Karak Quarter.  This occurred yesterday at night when the SAA assaulted a nest of rats after residents called in the location.  All the rats were killed:

Muhammad-‘Ali Saydaawi

Yazan  ‘Abdul-Jaleel Arna’oot

Fihmi Bilaal Jaassim

Saadiq Fareed Ibraaheem ‘Awda

Suhayl Ridhaa Kharaabisha

Tammaam Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud

Ahmad Thaabit Al-Ghazzaawi

Another 4 could not be identified.


Between Basr Al-Hareer and Ayb Village:  More Nusra rats killed in firefight after the SAA assaulted a warehouse loaded with weapons from Jordan.  No other details.


Nimr Village: Close to Tal Al-Haarra, SAA and PDC killed or wounded scores of rats belonging to Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islaamiyya and seized all their weapons.  No other details.


Der’ah Al-Mahatta: An attempted infiltration into this area by rats was foiled at Busraa Square.  Early reports indicated huge losses to the enemy.


More fighting reported in:  Al-Shaykh Miskeen, Al-Bayyi’aat and Inkhil




Takfiri Militants Suffer More Losses in Homs

Rasm Al-Rawaadhi Village:  Fighting with no details.


West Al-Samdaaniyya:  Many Zionist rodents killed here after SAA infantry attacked them.  Rat websites admit to the deaths of these:

‘Ali Talaal Al-‘Umar Al-‘Abbood

Muhammad Mut’ib Mahaawish

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Khaleel Al-Sa’di


Al-‘Ajraf, Mashara, Rasm Al-Khawaalid, Majdal-Shams, Al-Qunaytra City Main Square, Rasm Al-Shooli Square saw action yesterday and today. 


Rasm Al-Shooli:  Nusra/Alqaeda wiped out along with a stash of weapons:

Hussayn Moosaa Al-Shareefi

Ihsaan Qaasim Al-Noori

Sufyaan Muhammad Al-Rahhaala


East Al-Samdaaniyya:  The SAAF blew away a convoy of trucks coming down from the depths of Zionism.  No other details.




Marj Al-Sultaan:  Confirmed 16 vermin sent to Hell with scores wounded after SAA artillery and infantry swooped down on a group belonging to the Jaysh Al-Islam and Nusra/Alqaeda.  Rat websites named these denizens of Hell:

Muhannad Khibya (a family on the verge of extinction)

Khaalid Al-Shaykh Bakri

Muhammad Al-Shaykh Bakri (Deserter)   


Fighting reported here:  Zibdeen-Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer Axis





John Esq. sends this lovely panoramic view of rats being picked off by a MiG 23 in Syria:


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