Baab Al-Hadeed:  The SAAF had notice of a meeting held by Ahraar Al-Shaam vultures in a building.  The coordinates were given by spotters on the ground and SAAF took off after that and delivered the goods.  Inside the meeting destined for Hell was:

Abu Bushi’

Another 12 could not be immediately identified because of the damage to the building.


Al-KhaalidiyyaSAAF and SAA active over this part of town.  Wael writes that 32 rodents were killed the day before yesterday.

Khaalid Siraajeddeen (a/k/a Khaalid Hayyaani) killed by the Syrian Army the day before yesterday in Al-Khaalidiyya.  He headed a group called Martyrs of Badr Brigade, a sub-branch of the FSA’s Division 16 Infantry. Hayyaani was a war criminal responsible for the heavy bombardment of civilian areas like Al-Ashrafiyya, Al-Sabeel Residencies, Shayhaan Roundabout and Tishreen Avenue.  He was notorious for plundering the factories at Bani Zayd.  He was an army deserter.  are, (Photo courtesy of:  Myawesomedaily finds)  


Air Force Academy area:  SAAF strafed moving rodents in vans killing a large number. I have no other details.


Daarat ‘Izza:  The SAAF very active over Aleppo with new technology of which the rats are becoming increasingly aware.  No assessment of the destruction to fortifications and vehicles.  Big operation, though.


Qubtaan Al-Jabal:  The SAA infantry struck a nest of Ahraar Al-Shaam vermin and killed 4 wounding another 11.


Heavy fighting reported here:  Al-Indhaaraat, Al-Saakhoor, Salaahuddeen, Bany Zayd, Maari’, ‘Anadaan, Al-Sukkariyya, Al-Shuqayf, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Karm Al-Maysir, Bani Zayd, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Al-Marja, Al-Ashrafiyya, Layramoon, Al-Kallaasa, Hanaanu, Al-Shaykh Khudhr, Bustaan Al-Qassr, Al-Ansaari, Al-Bandara, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Jisr Al-Hajj, Al-Ataarib.   


Note to readers:  I have been away on business for 2 days.  I have a lot of information which I’ll try to set down tomorrow.  Sorry, but I had to leave town for this.  ZAF

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