IDLIB:  We told you the truth about Idlib.  We told you that the British were liars and sycophants for their Saudi pedophile masters.  What we failed to mention was the strange quiet which succeeded the Alqaeda assault on Idlib City.  What we did not tell our readers was that the rats had depleted their supply of rodents in Latakia and Hama Provinces in order to make the assault successful.  As it was, the assault was only partially successful with the Syrian Army able to redeploy to the southern parts of the city with major backup from the huge military base at Al-Mastoumaa, about 7 kms south of the city.  Well, the orders have come down to introduce new short-range missiles from the vast arsenal of the Syrian Army.  Almost all these arsenals are located underground in bomb-proof shelters everywhere in Syria.  There are certain areas which the SAA will not allow to fall for this reason.  If you want to know how it is the SAA defended Latakia Province blocking every effort for a terrorist breakthrough into the city and the coast, think in terms of underground arsenals and their locations.

Al-Habeet:  Huge operation conducted operation conducted perfectly by SAA SF.  This is a crucial resupply point for the terrorist rats aided and abetted by the disease-carrying Erdoghani Turk monkeys and Saudi boytoys.  Over 70 kms to the southwest of the city, this town was a major conduit for rat movement.  Yesterday, the SAA Special Forces invaded Al-Habeet with missile backing (Frog 7-B Lunas) and thrashed the rodents inside, destroying convoys of trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition to replace all that was lost in trying to conquer the provincial capital.  The Syrian commandos lit up the sky with precision-laid mines and Kornet anti-tank rockets striking at any terrorist truck or armored vehicle.  The terrorist communications to Turkey implored the government of war criminal Erdoghan to send in reinforcements.  But, there were no reinforcements available.  The SAA annihilated the rat presence there and withdrew in order to hunt for more caravans plying the roadways of Syria.


Ma’arrat-Massreen:  Turkish trucks carrying weapons and ammunition sent by the war criminal Hakan Fidan were destroyed by SAA missile corps engineers using the now-well-deployed Frog 7-B Luna missile.  Captured rodents at this site confirmed they are being handled by Turkish members of the MIT – essentially former officers in the Turk Army Special Forces.

Al-Zu’ayniyya:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor, the SAA conducted a successful operation against terrorists with no details.


Also near Jisr Al-Shughoor, these towns were the sites of determined SAA operations:  Hallooz, Al-Ghassaaniyya


Kafr Jaalis:  Evidence of an obsessed Erdoghan.  More Turk-inspired terrorist infiltrations in trucks and buses.  This time the SAA intercepted the convoy coming out of Turkey and destroyed all the vehicles.  No assessment was performed.   Intercepted communications from the various rats inside this grouping indicated many were Turkish citizens.


Idlib City:  The SAA has counterattacked in various quarters laying traps for the rats and killing many.   I assure my readers that a major counter-attack to take back all of Idlib with a thumb in the murdering monster Erdoghan’s eye is planned for this spring.


Heavy fighting reported here: Kooreen, Bidaamaa, ‘Ayn Al-Hawr, ‘Ayn Al-Baydhaa, Saraaqib, Binnish, Tal Salmu, Al-Hameediyya, Naylayyaa 

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