Palesteezian leader of the PLO, Mahmoud ‘Abbaas, reacts blithely to a question by a citizen concerning how much money he’s stolen from the coffers of his counterfeit government.


No leader is as jaded as Mahmoud ‘Abbaas.  He clings to his post even though he knows his tenure has been marked by absolutely no achievements a wet-behind-the-ear pageboy couldn’t accomplish.  He has watched impuissantly as the Zionist neo-Nazi empire has scarfed down every morsel of the big, aerated cake he’s been parading in front of the Palestinians whose own failures, as a society, have been only matched in history by the aborigines of Australia.  But, then, there is failure – the inability to attain a particular goal – and there is subversion or sabotage – the intentional imposition of failure upon an enemy, or, as in this case, your own people.  Nobody can deny ‘Abbaas’ treachery.  It is now for all to see.  It’s all over the news, the networks and the Internet.  And it’s no surprise to anyone.  Because this is the essence of this virulent strain of traitor and his minions in the notional world of Palestinian self-governance.

Yesterday, sensible Palestinians working for the PLO announced their willingness to work with the Syrian Army to rid the Yarmouk Camp of the pestilence of ISIS.  And it’s not just ISIS, it’s also Alqaeda/Nusra which allowed ISIS to enter the camp in the first place.  That Palestinian was Ahmad Majdalaani, who was sent to Damascus ostensibly to give the Syrian government the permission it needed to invade the camp and expel the plague-carrying rats.  Almost immediately after Majdalaani told reporters he was on board and, therefore, so was the PLO, the Palestinian rodents in Ramallah issued a communique dispelling any talk of cooperation with the Syrian government in liberating the camp.

The reasons for the PLO’s contrariety and countermanding were given as follows:  the Palestinians will not involve themselves in the conflict in Syria and will remain neutral.

This incredible proof of the sectarian nature of the PLO’s leadership is now a matter of record.  The treason is open and notorious.  The PLO will not involve itself in a fight against the savages of ISIS or Alqaeda even if it means bringing relief to the besieged and oppressed Palestinian people in the Yarmouk Camp.  Let the PLO know this:  The Palestinian people are not so stupid they can’t smell a rat.  And this may be the end of this rat named Mahmoud ‘Abbaas because the real reason he is betraying the Palestinians is his working with those who help ISIS and Alqaeda AND those parties are the Zionist Abomination, the Pygmy Kingdom of Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist state of Turkey and the usual gang of idiots in NATO.  This is treason at its highest. ‘Abbaas must be arrested and executed immediately.

14 Palestinian factions, some linked to the traitorous PLO, have agreed to join forces with the Syrian Army to eradicate the toxicity of ISIS from the camp.  The PFLP-GC is leading the charge along with other, less well-known groups, such as the “Committees” and Al-Saa’iqa.  Expect the PLA also to be involved even if the traitor, ‘Abbaas, tries to countermand orders.  The PLA is heavily influenced by the SAA and Syrian security services.  The sole issue now for Syrian jurists is whether agreements to recognize the PLO’s supremacy in matters concerning Palestinian citizens and camps will prohibit any such action by Syria to exterminate the ISIS jackals.

Here’s SyrPer’s take on all this.  The Syrian membership in the blowhard, useless and senescent organization called the Arab League is now suspended.  Syria is free to take what action it pleases to protect enclaves such as the camps without fear of violating any agreements or protocols which are solely related to the Arab League fiasco.

Moreover, the acquiescence of member-groups in the PLO, in direct derogation from the Ramallah organization’s collaboration with Zionism, to wholly support the Syrian Army gives it the legal cover to smash the savages in the Yarmouk Camp without fear of violating any agreement on the sacrosanctity of the Palestinian enclaves.



Al-Kiswa:  THE SYRIAN ARMY HAS ESTABLISHED COMPLETE CONTROL OVER AL-KISWA at 11:00 a.m. on April 5, 2015.  The actual battle to rid this area of the stench of Jihadism began on April 1, 2015.  It was an extremely violent episode in the campaign to wipe out the vermin and establish reliable supply routes for the Syrian Army toward the Qunaytra and Qalamoon, besides affording greater control over the Damscus-Der’ah Highway.  Look at the map carefully and see how evident the importance of this territory is:


Faleetaa:  At the Lebanese border.  Pitched battles continue as rodents from various groups such as ISIS and Alqaeda try to re-enter Syria.  In each instance they have failed and the number of dead rats in this one area alone may be up to 1,000+.


Al-Darkhabiyya:  16 rat carcasses counted here in the farms west of Khaan Al-Shaykh.


Jawbar:  More rodents bite the dust as the SAA continues a slow, but persistent, advance into this area so devastated by explosions:

Mugheera ‘Ali Sulaym

Bassaam Muhammad Qaddoom

Muhammad Raadhi Abu-Talaal

‘Alaa` Al-Ghareeb

The remaining 5 were determined to be foreigners with fraudulent papers.


Zibdeen:  The SAAF thrashed groups of Nusra rats here. I have no other details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Artillery brought down scores of rodents as described by SAA spotters and snipers.








Saudi monkey cleric declares it’s okay to eat your wife’s flesh in event of hunger.  This article will have you in stitches:

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