Kasab Crossing:  Oh, the rat supporters were hoping and praying for a Syrian Army setback here.  They were announcing a “major” push to retake this important crossing.  But, the attack fizzled out when Turkish troops were warned there would be return-fire this time.  When their officers contacted Adana, they were told to stand down and the whole operation became a Turkey-shoot.   The devil-worshiping rodents were left in a trap no different than the one John F. Kennedy left the CIA-trained anti-Castro insurgents at the Bay of Pigs.  I have reports that the assault on Kasab was planned by Turkish imbeciles pretending to be field commanders.  In any case, nothing came of the attack.  The carcasses remain strewn all over the hillsides, their beards acting as nests for the non-discriminating insects.


Al-Raashoon Village:  About 7 kms from Turk-Occupied Syrian border of Hatay, the Syrian Army backed by militia surrounded a small group of reeking infidel rats and killed all 6.  Wael writes that 3 of them had red hair which is usually a sign of origin in the Caucasus, although it’s never absolute.  Their cargo pockets contained Russian-language and Chechen literature, though.  No names.


Kitf Al-Ghanama Village:  No details about an encounter also nearly 7 kms from the Turk border.  Wael and SANA confirm, however, an SAA assault on moving rat groups here.  This occurred 2 days ago.


Al-Zaytoona Village:  The vermin seem frustrated at the lack of progress on their part. From the very beginning when the Turk apes decided to open a front in the President’s home province, the largely Nusra/Alqaeda organization was never able to stake a claim to much of any property with the exception of Salmaa, an abandoned Kurdish town so stripped of its moveable property that it might as well be rebuilt from scratch.  SAAF helicopters fired rockets at moving rats here in Al-Zaytoona and destroyed 2 vans presumably with their passengers.  No details available.


Ruwaysat Al-Balaata Village:  Skirmishing between militia and Alqaeda rats in the deep hills.


‘Araafeet Village:  Another 7 kms from Hatay.  Rats stopped cold and seen returning to the border with Turkey.


Drooshaan Village:  A large-scale operation started on April 14, 2015 and has resulted in the deaths of 7 Alqaeda leaders from Qatar, Lebanon and  Libya.  The operation is continuing in this area and the MoD has not issued a final communique about the results.


أهم التطورات الميدانية للجيش العربي السوري ليوم الخميس

Salmaa:  In conjunction with the operation at Droushaan, the SAA is pounding Nusra positions around the town.  Spotters are reporting great rat-stats but, as you can guess, there is no reasonable opportunity to assess the battle site.


Al-Mugheeriyya and Tartiyaah Villages:  Nests were disrupted and destroyed.



Interesting view from the Veterans organization indicting the U.S. for deceit.  (Thanks Haas):

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