Whenever we are exposed in the West with advertisements for a book about the conflict in both Iraq and Syria, it behooves us to find out who the perpetrators of the book are.  Our subject today is the recently published ISIS: INSIDE THE ARMY OF TERROR (Regan Arts, New York, February 2015), authored by two individuals: Hassan Hassan and Michael Weiss.  Before we embark on our review of the book, let’s look at what the others don’t bother to divulge lest the quality or character of the finished product attract unwanted wincing, squinting, eyebrow-raising…..or……rolling of eyeballs……or, even worse…..a Bronx cheer.

Hassan Hassan alleges he’s a native born Syrian citizen.  He writes exactly that in the Introduction to the book where he tells his readers that his interest in ISIS is “personal”.  He says he was born in Al-Bukamaal, a town which has been mentioned frequently in our coverage concerning Dayr El-Zor Province and which has been under ISIS control for some time before it was attacked by General Zhahreddeen’s Republican Guard brigades rendering it “contested”.  By telling us about his place of birth, we  know immediately that he’s a Sunni from an area near the Euphrates just across from the border of Iraq.  His Arabic accent would be reflective of the town’s proximity to Mesopotamia.

Interestingly, he also says he works as an analyst for the Delma Institute, a “think tank” based in Abu Dhabi, a Grand Duchy belonging to the United Arab Emirates.  In Arabic it is called: مركز دلما للابحاث or “Markaz Dilmaa Lil-Abhaath” (Delmaa Insitute for Research).  I checked the two websites for Delma but could find no mention of Mr. Hassan.  Maybe my readers can do better.

He also works for something called “The National Newspaper”, also an Abu Dhabi-based group touting itself as a unique representative of Western journalistic standards – whatever that means.  The suggestion in the biographical data is that the editorial founders wanted a news source that would impress white people in Europe, Canada or the United States with its objectivity.  What else could that mean?  In any case, the paper turned out to prove itself correct for it managed in a very short time to attract  the attention of numerous commentators who lambasted it for “spiked” reporting and “skewed” coverage of everything from Libya to the “royal” family of apes.  So much for Western standards. The staff’s unwillingness to so much as tsk-tsk the most minor foibles of the ruling clique of perverts garnered trenchant criticism from the cognoscenti.

And now, Mr. Weiss.  He proclaims himself an “expert” on Middle Eastern affairs.  He also writes a lot about Russia.  And all this from some chump who got his degree from Dartmouth College.  He claims to work for a think tank and was Director of Communications for the Henry Jackson Society, a British-based group of neo-conservatives, mostly Ashkenazi Jews, like Mr. Weiss, who promote war and mayhem anywhere there are nationalists opposed to the Zionist Gutter State.

He worked also in Southern Turkey where he helped other spies to cross the border into Syria to help the terrorists kill civilians.  He admits to entering Syria illegally to cover events in Aleppo and is thus an admitted felon whose next foray into Syria may be his last.

He is an editor for “The Interpreter Magazine” which concentrates its venom on Vladimir Putin.  But, it gets even better.  He also works for NOW LEBANON, a Beirut-based Zionist-CIA rag which lists Michael Young as a contributor.

Boy, with qualifications like this, Weiss might want to host visitors to the Rabbi Meir Kahane Memorial Obelisk in Minsk.


Weiss is noted for making absolutely no sense.  Get this statement from Weiss during an interview which had me rolling with laughter:

“When people keep saying that Assad would not do this the day after the UN inspectors I tell them that’s exactly why he would do it. It’s a smart move on his part since people are expecting him to be more logical. Also there were attacks on Latakia that might have motivated him? And what about the assassination attempt on him when he was on his was to pray eid alfitr prayer. What do you think?”  (From “Syrian Civil War”)

This guy is a real moron.

And now the Introduction to the book.  That little chapter tells us a lot about the authors.  First of all, it starts out with a “teaser”, you know, the short action-filled scene that gets you all thrilled about what is to come.  Mentioned here is a fellow by the named of “Abdelaziz Kuwan”.  Forget the atrocious orthography that suggests Mr. Hassan may not even be an Arab.   According to their conjured up fable, Kuwan, who amazingly hails from the same area as Hassan, but was transplanted to Bahrain,  asks his uncle to introduce him to notorious Syrian Air Force runway janitor and deserter, “Riad al-Assad”, SyrPer’s favorite one-legged wonder. Then, in the same paragraph, they mention that “Riad al-Assad” “defected” from the “dictatorship” of “Bashar al-Assad”.  Now, doesn’t it seem odd that Riad would betray a family member?  That’s how they spelled the two names which makes me wonder if Hassan Hassan is not the famously sloppy schlock-meister, Stephen Emerson,  pretending to be an Arab.  People who know Arabic would make sure to emphasize the difference in the names by spelling Riyaadh Al-As’ad this way.  A voiced pharyngeal fricative can make all the difference in the world.

Well, Kuwan, according to his fabulists, flies to Istanbul and crosses into Aleppo Governorate where he joins the Fake Syrian Army.  He fought with them until he decided that they were “too corrupt and ineffective”.  So, what does he do?  He joined Ahraar Al-Shaam and, then, Alqaeda/Nusra.  But, they too did not satisfy the young man’s craving for unbridled barbarism.  So, dejected,  he returns to Bahrain where his mother confiscates his passport.  Eventually, he gets it back and travels to Syria to join a more savage group, ISIS itself.  He rose through the ranks of this largely foreign-dominated organization until he became a “security official” taking on he nom de guerre of Abu Mu’tassim.  Here he was able to enslave young Ayzidi girls and use them as sex toys, all the while extolling the virtues of the Islamic State.  He became such a true believer that he confessed he would kill his own father in battle if his father fought for the wrong side.

Kuwan was a typical social reject and scholastic failure in Bahrain.  He thirsted for opportunities to fight the Syrian Army and any other group deemed apostate by his handlers.  Then, (you could almost predict this from the beginning), he was shot dead on October 23, 2014 in Dayr El-Zor City by a “regime” sniper.  In his will which he directs to his mother, he tells her about how he wanted to be beside the “Prophet Muhammad”.  Yawn.

The Introduction goes on to describe the ISIS onslaught in Mosul where, according to the writers, only a thousand of the terrorists overpowered a force of 30,000 American-trained Iraqi troops.  They belittle Obama’s trivial remark that ISIS was a “jayvee squad” as the group started to break apart the Sykes-Picot Agreement with expansive plans to re-conquer Islamic lands all the way to Andalusia.  The authors also tell us how they are going to arrange the book with special emphasis on the evolution of ISIS, its incarnations.  Then, in a laugh-inducing self-expose, they tell us that they are going to “look” at the origins of the “Syrian revolution” when they should have said “insurgency”.  Nobody in his right mind would call what happened in Syria a revolution.  In any case, the authors blame Dr. Assad for creating the conditions which allowed ISIS to grow.

They claim to have conducted interviews with active or “now-deceased” (inactive?) ISIS militants, spies, rebels and sleeper agents.  Then they tell us that prisons in the Middle East were incubators for extremism allowing terrorists to congregate and plan their nefarious attacks on societies in the region.  But, the kicker comes at the end of the chapter where the authors, one a Sunni bigot and “mabuah”; the other a Zionist “katsa”,  point a finger at Iranian-backed Iraqi militias who according to the now-compromised Amnesty International and the Soros-financed HRW, are committing acts of ethnic cleansing.

This book will be reviewed chapter by chapter as your editor completes each one. We already know the authors are Zionist agents. They used the word “regime” when describing the Syrian government even though it has a seat at the United Nations.  They have already revealed themselves as stooges of the Arabian monkey-rats.  We look forward to a laugh-filled jaunt through the fraudulent world of Khazar propaganda.  Ziad Abu Fadel.













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