Al-Qirmeed Military Base and Al-Qirmeed Factory:  We are at war with Turkey, the Zionist Khazar State and Jordan; and General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, Syria’s Defense Minister,  is in Teheran today and tomorrow to discuss that issue with his counterpart, Maj. Gen. Hussayn Dehqaan.  This meeting comes on the heels of another important one that joined the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian Foreign MInisters, also, in Teheran a few days ago to discuss ways of coordinating the war on terror.  These meetings take place at the direction of the president, Dr. Bashshaar Al-Assad, who has now decided to confront the architects of terrorism in Ankara, Tel Aviv and Amman.  The attacks on both Idlib City and Jisr Al-Shughoor have made it clear that Turkey is now a combatant against the Syrian Army and Syrian people.  The Jordanian government’s abandonment of the Naseeb Crossing, an act of pure economic suicide, is also proof that the dwarf monarch of Jordan is taking his cues from Saudi apes and cockroaches.  The ability of Alqaeda to operate in the Qunaytra zone is also proof that the Zionist Entity is hell-bent on bathing in a shower of missiles.  What we did not tell you is that Hizbollah is very much a part of these discussions and is briefed on every point.

The Turk rats are determined to extend their reach to Syrian Army-controlled Areeha, a city of thousands who have now advanced their best young men and women as volunteers to fight with the Syrian Army. Areehaa is the Aramaic/Arabic form of the word Jericho (which is mispronounced shamefully by the European counterfeit Jews of Europe and Khazaria.)  As I write, the Syrian Army high command is organizing a massive new force made up of troops which left Idlib, troops which left Jisr Al-Shughoor and those from the Al-Qirmeed Base.  All these locations are close to the Turk border.  The rats could not mount any such attack were it not for the Turk pimps and vermin who provide them with haven and logistical assistance.  In the case of the Kasab Crossing, Turk military personnel participated openly in helping the rats to lose the battle for control of that Armenian town.

Everybody knows that Aleppo has fallen to the Syrian Army.  This singularly valuable prize city would have been a perfect bargaining chip to effectuate the “transition” to Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rule as envisaged by the malodorous Erdoghani Turks.  But, things didn’t turn out right for them.  So, they opted for another assault on Idlib which is even more advantageous for the plague-carrying rats.  The terrain favors small groups of terrorists and gives them greater invisibility.  There are areas of Idlib which are notorious for bigotry and make ideal breeding grounds for pre-Cambrian grubs and other forms of infectious flies.

After the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor, the Alqaeda rats sent around 800 behind a convoy of suicide trucks all driven by nihilist perverts from the Saudi Arabian kingdom of heresy.  At Jisr Al-Shughoor, the SAA maintains a well-equipped force at the southern entrance near the National Hospital which was a scene of incredible delight yesterday when the SAA killed over 200 Chechens trying to oust them from their positions in order to murder the patients and staff at the hospital – a staff apparently made up of mostly Christians and Alawi professionals.  Big flop.

Yesterday, that is Sunday at night until Monday at dawn, the noisome rodents launched 3 bomb-laden trucks driven by Saudis into the area of the hatcheries where an SAA outpost was located.  Some of our soldiers were killed in the first explosion although they had been told to abandon the site.  In any case, within minutes, another truck was detonated by remote control near the entrance to the military base.  And then, in an unprecedented wave of kamikazi-style attacks, a third truck was detonated beyond the first 2 allowing a regiment-sized group of rats to enter, all wearing suicide belts.  Ten of the rodents blew themselves up inside the base, but for naught.  The commander of the base had already given the order to withdraw in 3 organized phases.  The withdrawals were to Mastoomaa and surrounding hills where the SAA maintains a large base, the second at Areehaa and the third at Museebeen.

Simultaneously, Syrian Army regulars struck a severe blow to the efforts of the Turk and British-aided rodents by wresting control of Al-Ziyaara from a group of bearded vermin establishing artillery control over the area all the way to Al-Mastoomaa.

As of this writing, the SAA maintains complete control over the strategically important towns of Kafr Najd, Al-Muqbila, Nahlayyaa, Areehaa (where the Latakia-Areehaa Highway remains open) and Al-Ziyaaraa.

There is also a reported movement of troops northward to the southern entrance to Jisr Al-Shughoor to relieve defending forces.  The SAAF is bombing heavily in this area to prevent rats from impeding the smooth flow of troops to the National Hospital.


الجيش يقضي على إرهابيين ويصادر أسلحتهم في كمين بمنطقة اللجاة

Fighting and aerial bombardment reported in these areas: Ma’arbaleet, Al-Ziyaadiyya, Bizaaboor, Majdalyaa, Qumaynaas, Kafr Laataa.






وفد عسكري سوري برئاسة وزير الدفاع في طهران لمواجهة الإرهاب

Lt. General Al-Furayj meets with his Iranian counterpart to discuss implementation of the Syrian-Iranian Mutual Defense Pact in Teheran. Watch for new developments on the Golan and Turk fronts.  All of us have had enough of diplomacy. 



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