العمليات الميدانية ليوم الأحد..لماذا تفقد رئيس هيئة الأركان وحدات الجيش بريف ادلب

IDLIB:  Lt. General ‘Ali Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, and many high-ranking officers came together in the military base at Mastouma just south of Idlib City to share views on the strategy to annihilate the rodent Turk-filth now infesting this northern provincial capital.  The SAA is still controlling the southern entrances and neighborhoods of the city with the entire population having been already evacuated to government-controlled refuges in both Hama and Latakia provinces.  The presence of General Ayyoob is inevitably an harbinger of big things to come at Zero Hour.  The Syrian Army has begun massive reinforcement of the area not to mention taking up positions opposite terrorist fortifications recently built, but, still,  inadequate to block the advance of the SAA’s formidable phalanxes of newly refurbished T-72 front line battle tanks given cover by the Syrian Air Force.  Witnesses have seen areas being prepared for installation of fixed heavy artillery and berms for missile launchers.  With no civilian population to worry about, the terrorist rodents will die alone squealing into their cellphones for help which will not come.  In this battle, thousands of Ba’ath Party irregulars, PDC militiamen and Lebanese volunteers will take part in the extermination of the cockroaches.  Gosh, I wish I could be there to watch it and/or participate.


With no civilians to worry about, expect Soros propaganda/lie-machine Human Rights Watch to issue indictments over the use of “barrel bombs” which “indiscriminately” kill non-existent civilians.  If the truth be told, expect thermobaric bombs to suck out the innards of the crawling pigs now pillaging the homes of innocent Syrian civilians.  But, as the SAA begins to liberate whole areas of Idlib, the chorus of terrorist-supporting gargoyles will attain a high-pitched crescendo of boorish, ear-splitting codas filled with Sturm-und-Drang worthy of an Anton Bruckner symphony.  The U.S. will demand an investigation into “possible” war crimes by the “Assad regime” (tee hee hee) – after all, killing Obama’s favorite cannibals is now verboten!


Idlib City:  The Syrian Army clashed with scurrying rodents in the center of town and killed or wounded 41,  according to spotters.  The terrorist-supporting pigs confirmed the deaths of these porcine-like cockroaches on their websites:

Hassan Kurdi

Saleem Kurdi

Khaalid Haaj Lattoof

Bishr ‘Abbaadi

Our congratulation to the Kurdi family of oafs for the wonderful contribution to Satan’s Mausoleum for Misfits.


Kooreen:  The terrorist websites have confirmed the deaths of 20 rodents.


Qumaynaas:  I have been promised big numbers of dead cannibals here.  Idlib City is being surrounded.


Sirmeen:  7 kms to the NE of the city, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed.  These belonged to Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya and Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya. 


Heavy fighting here:  Kafr Roomaa, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Jabal Al-Arba’een to the southeast, Kafr Laataa



مقتل عشرات الإرهابيين من داعش بعمليات للجيش في ريف حمص

Action, big time, in the eastern area.  SAA, having made the natural gas fields “Menschenfresser-rein”, is now pursuing the hairy, disgusting fly-borne grubs into every part of the desert.


South Al-Shindaakhiyya:  The SAA swooped down on escaping larvae from the ISIS heresy and killed 11.  Their carcasses were searched, but, contained only fake documents – some stolen from Syrian refugees in Turk-Occupied Hatay Province.  No names.


Umm Sahreej:  According to Monzer, our army is generally in much better shape physically than the rodent-recent-recruits thrust into battle willy-nilly by the subarachnoid slobs in Mosul.  He says infantry is now following fleeing filth with a two-step-for-one rhythm enabling our soldiers to properly pick off the scavenging zombie excrement at will.  Because this area is desert, their carcasses will preserve for a very long time barring the intervention of the opportunistic buzzard or vulture.  Bon appetit!


Mushayrifa:  This little village is under ISIS control.  Is that why nobody lives there?  Korrekt, Meiner Fleissiger Student!   Even a common fly would know better although, I have heard that the camembert-like body odor of Islamist savages is a magnet for vermin.  No accounting for taste.  A nest was invaded rudely by our soldiers yesterday and the entire pack was sent to Obama-Odorama in Hell.


East and West Al-Habra Villages:  SAA supported by Hind helicopters hounded hieing whore-mongering hedgehogs yesterday.  The fatalities were 7.  The carcasses were left to exsiccate in the wind like so many basturma rolls.


Al-Rastan:  The Nusra/Alqaeda group lost 4 rodents yesterday near the Vocational Academy.  No names.


Skirmishing reported here:  Dayr Fool, Rajm Al-‘Aali.



At last, the end is near for the Saudi dynasty:

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