التطورات الميدانية ليوم الثلاثاء.. عمليات مكثفة للجيش في ريف العاصمة دمشق

DER’AH:  Astounding new development in Der’ah as supply lines to the terrorist cannibal hyenas are cut decisively by the Syrian Army and Air Force.  The results are in the numbers of rodents the army has managed to annihilate and the amount of time for target assessment.


Basr Al-Hareer:  Totally surrounded by the Syrian Army as the Air Force and missile corps continues to soften up the remaining rats inside.  This town is of critical importance to the campaign to bottle up the rat forces since it’s a conduit into the Eastern Ghouta via the Al-Lijaat wilderness.  It also acted as a route straight to the counterfeit kingdom of Jordan.  In this town are two rat groups quivering in fear: The Alwiyat Al-‘Umari which belongs to Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyya and the Nusra/Alqaeda cannibals.   40+ rats were killed here yesterday.  Also note that the SAA has now completely secured the route to Al-Suwaydaa and the Tha’la Airbase.


Al-Muzayreeb:  It is about to fall.  Yesterday, the SAA destroyed a mortar launcher and seized a warehouse loaded with weapons provided by Saudi Arabian child molesters.  The trash in this town is Jabhat Al-Shaam Al-Muwahhada. 

Abu Ahmad Tadhaamun (Id pending. Rat leader and known thief)

Ahmad Al-Jam’aat (Ahraar Al-Shaam leader.  A/k/a “Abu ‘Azzaam Jibaab”)

Ibraaheem Al-Hamaadaa Al-Hareeri (Leader of Firqat ‘Aamood Hawraan)

Zayn-Al-‘Aabideen Mahmoud Al-Ghazzaawi

Ahmad Rafeeq Sulaymaan

Muhammad ‘Adnaan Al-‘Alyaan Al-Hareeri

Muhammad Mustafaa Al-Hareeri

Shukri Hussayn Al-‘Ali

Hassan Haayil Al-Mulayhaan Al-Madaalija

Khaalid Haayil Al-Mulayhaan Al-Madaalija

There were over 22 others who could not be identified and are believed to be Jordanians, Palesteezians and other forms of vermin.  Our congratulations to the Al-Hareeri and Al-Madaalija clans for their generous contributions to the demographics of Hell.


‘Itmaan:  A major disaster for the rodents working for British regime and the Zionist Ghetto Settler Enclave.  Yesterday, a very substantial cache of weapons was seized by the SAA after the verminous defenders were wiped out:

‘Aqeel Qusayy Al-Shareef

‘Awni Muhammad Butayha

Sidqi ‘Abdul-‘Aal Kaheel

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Hassan Kafaydaar

Marwaan Shaykh Al-Bakri

The other 3 were not identified.


Sikaaka Village:  This is all Nusra/Alqaeda.  The SAA killed a large number of these terrorists.  But, I have no details.


Naahita Village:  The SAA killed these:

Nabeel Shaakir Al-Hallaaq

‘Abdul-Ameer Muhammad Al-Mawlaa

Fadhl Daawood Zurayqaat


Tal Al-Maal: In a uniquely planned operation, the Nusra/Alqaeda group took a right hook on the chin here. The SAA confirmed 14 dead rodents and a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition.  This site is important because it is on the route to Tal Al-Haarra, a strategic heights controlled by the rats and used to bombard the citizens below. It is largely under the tactical control of the Zionist Settler State.


Umm Al-Daraj Well and West Al-Bajaabija Quarter:  Here, the SAA clashed with these groups: Nusra/Alqaeda, Kateebat Madfa’iyyat Sijjeel, Kataa`ib Mujaahidiyy Hawraan, Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob.  The rodent websites admitted to these dead rodents:

Usaamaa Al-Masri (A leader in Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya)

Nazeeh Saalim Al-Faraj

Khaalid Saalim Al-Mulayhaan

Muhammad Mahmoud Al-‘Awda

Nawaaf Al-Nakad

‘Ali Al-Salmaan

‘Ali ‘Awadh Al-Shumayti

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Mir’iy Al-Baydar


Khirbat Ghazaala:  Confirmed 12 rodents killed here yesterday.


Heavy fighting here:  East Al-Karak, ‘Almaa (warehouse), Saydaa, al-Nu’aymaa, Kafr Shams, ‘Aqraba




Al-Qassr Village:  SAA has liberated this village after criminals from ISIS tried to control it by destroying some buildings and stealing the personal property of the citizens.  The reason given for this on ISIS websites was because the people were deemed “infidels” unworthy of respect.  The SAA killed a few of the rats before they escaped into the countryside.

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