DER’AH:  When you have a king who is a traitor and a foreigner to his own country, you can expect only the worst in your military. Only the bottom of the barrel microbes; the bottom-feeding garbage fish and floating excrement accept service in a military so besotted and so infused with maliciousness that it openly colludes with the most despised enemy in the history of the Arab peoples.  And so, there it is.  In Amman, the capital of this rump consolation prize for the accursed tribe of Haashim, there is an “Operations Room” infested with amoral Americans, bungling British, xenophobic Zionists,  simian Sauds, queer Qataris and Jordanian jackdaws.  Here are the results:




City:  West of the Al-Sultaan Mosque and the Meteorological Station, a pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  It belonged to the Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islamiyya.  3 rodent carcasses were found spewing smoke.  They were not identified.


Kafr Shams:  The SAAF strafed a convoy of cars and pickups belonging to the luckless Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islamiyya (yawn) and killed an estimated 10 with the rest escaping pell-mell into the desert.


Inkhil:  In the area of Jaydoor Hawraan, 6 vehicles were destroyed after they crossed over from Jordan right under the noses of the border guards who appeared to have given them assistance once they returned.  The Hashemite traitors are increasingly committed to this Zionist-inspired fiasco.


Al-Jeeza:  The SAA massacred the Alqaeda rats here in an under-reported clash which saw the destruction of 4 pickups with 23mm cannons and the seizure of weapons and ammunition from Jordan.  According to vague reports in the Syrian media, tens of rodents were killed in this attack led by the SAA and backed up by PDC militiamen and women.


Umm Al-Mayaadhin:  SAAF action resulted in the destruction of an entire pack of rodents belonging to Alqaeda.


Zimreen:  More use of missiles by the SAA including Katyushas and Frogs.  They have had a devastating effect on the way the rats configure their forces.


Simleen:  Same, like Zimreen. More judicious use of missiles and less use of artillery.  No details about this attack by the SAA.


Kafr Naasij:  About to fall to the SAA.  Again, missiles and rockets are being used on an increasing level.  This means the SAA is not as concerned about the cost of using such weapons.  Syrian manufactures its own SCUDs based on Soviet, North Korean and improved Iranian and domestic designs.  Syria also manufactures many short-range missiles and has provided Hizbollah with most of its arsenal, including about 12 Yakhont anti-ship missiles.


Umm Al-‘Awsaj area:  This town is under the control of the SAA.  There are constant attempts to move rats from the pitiless terrain of the Al-Lijaat wilderness south.   The SAAF reportedly interdicted such an attempt last Wednesday.


Al-Judayda Village in the far northwest of the province, the SAA vaporized 4 vehicles, some with 23mm cannons.


Fighting reported also here:  Khirbat Al-‘AwwaadiyyaQUNAYTRA:  Mas-hara, Al-Hameediyya.




Al-Qassr:  In the northeast of the province, ISIS was struck hard by both SAA and SAAF.  This is a largely desert area which is being used as a conduit for the transfer of savages from Iraq and the northern Syrian provinces.  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed.

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