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Doumaa:  The Syrian Air Force continued its relentless pounding of Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s lair in the area of Doumaa laying to rest his hogwash about  “ONE THOUSAND MISSILES” to be fired on Damascus if the army doesn’t stop bombing him.   Not only does he not have any missiles left, he also lost his favorite baby blanket.   Yesterday, the SAAF destroyed several fortifications and blasted a nest of ‘Allooshi child molesters.


‘Ayn Turmaa:  More SAAF sorties targeting moving rodents.  Syria has received newer and more accurate air-to-ground missiles which are devastating the terrorist rats in this area.   The day before yesterday, there was also an attempted infiltration from ‘Ayn Turmaa to Waadi ‘Ayn Turkmaa.  We can confirm the deaths of 24 rodents here.

Jawbar:  SAAF soaring over this dilapidated suburb near the Rahma Mosque and scorching the slimy rodents inside.  The rat effort to hold on to Jawbar is becoming increasingly puzzling what with the fact that all resupply routes are now closed.


Zibdeen:  2 Saudi Arabian AIDS-carrying monkeys were killed here yesterday by the Air Force.


DAMASCUS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:  The Syrian Army has been monitoring rodent movements in the East Ghoutaa for several days while Military Intelligence under the command of Maj. Gen. Muhammad Mahalla was intercepting and deciphering rat communications coming mostly out of Jordan and the Zionist Settler State.  What became clear was that the rodents were planning for a major push against the airport coming out of the Ghoutaa.   With news of the new airline “Syrian Wings” becoming widespread, the rats thought they’d throw a wet blanket on the whole affair by shutting down the airport.  Yesterday, in an operation specifically designed to address that fantasy,  the Syrian Army took to the offensive and preempted any such operation.  In a matter of hours, ground forces backed by militias and artillery overwhelmed the rodents at Yaldaa, Babeelaa and Bayt Sahm frustrating their plans and destroying any semblance of discipline they might have had.  The Syrian Army is now combing the area for remnant rodents to add to the piles of manure appearing all around the country.


Al-Hajar Al-Aswad and Yarmouk:  The Palestinian groups allied with Syria and their cohorts in the PDC are making significant headway in the battle to rid the Palestinian people of the Alqaeda rat infestation.  Remember, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad is mostly ISIS after that group relinquished the camp to the Nusra/Alqaeda vermin. There is a bloody battle under way now in the center of the camp moving to the western side.   The Syrian Army has not received support from the treasonous PLO in Ramallah and, therefore, is supplying the fighters with logistics, artillery and all the firepower they need for the task at hand.


Al-Samdaaniyya Village:  In the Qunaytra area.  On April 16, 2015, Nusra, under Zionist command, moved from its positions behind Zionist lines and tried to invade this village.  The rats were observed making the move from Syrian Army-controlled Al-‘Ajraf, Rasm Al-Shoolaa and Al-Hameediyya.  The Army and citizens took immediate steps to block the advance killing an estimated 12 rodents and wounding scores of others who could be seen being spirited to Zionist quack hospitals near Lake Tiberias.


Umm Baatina:  SAA has seized a large stash of arms and ammunition here which will be used to kill Wahhabists.


Zamalkaa Bridge:  A firefight resulted in the deaths of 6 Nusra rats:

‘Awni Talaal Al-Ahmad

Akram Mahmoud Khiddu

Firaas Hallaal

The other 3 were Jordanians with forged documents.  Monzer says that the 3 might be Jordanian spies.


Jidyaa Tunnel:  More dead rats.  I have no details about the fighting here.


Zaydeen and Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  Several nests were destroyed by marauding members of our militias.  Several assault rifles and boxes of ammunition were seized.  The group here, Jabhat Ansaar Al-Shaam, admitted to 7 rat deaths from their pack of filthy, plague-carrying pests.


Qaarra Village in the Qalamoon:  An attempted invasion at night by Alqaeda from neighboring Lebanon was a disaster after Lebanese Intelligence alerted the SAA.  I don’t have the details, but, Monzer writes that the route they used will probably never be open again after the SAA’s artillery dislodged a large boulder causing it to collapse on to the roadway.  Major mess.  Also, the SAA assessed the site and found dozens of weapons thrown down by the fleeing rats.


Tal Hamraa in the Zabadaani area:  Now completely under SAA control.  Nusra annihilated here as of April 14, 2015.




عملية تمشيط استباقية للجيش لتأمين مطار دمشق

Sheer Al-Qatlaa:  Now under the total control of the SAA.  Rats forced to abandon their nests leaving behind significant evidence of Zionist collaboration.


Al-‘Ajraf area:  10 counted Nusra rat carcasses after a firefight with the SAA in this village in northern rural Qunaytra.  Wounded seen leaving for the Zionist hospitals.


Umm Al-‘Izhaam Village:  Southeast of Qunaytra, SAA scored a miraculous direct hit on a nest of Nusra hyenas killing all 8.


Umm Baatina Village:  An attempted infiltration by a pack of rats from the Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam went awry and the attack was called off after the SAA and PDC actually opened fire on them.


Al-Hameediyya Village:  Another foiled infiltration.


Mamtana Village:  Many rats killed an wounded during an attack on an SAA position.  The SAA collected light assault rifles and some ammo in the aftermath.


Abu Shatta Village: South of Jibaataa Al-Khashab Village, a Nusra nest was completely destroyed.


Bi`r ‘Ajam:  Skirmishing.

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