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ALEPPO:  The laughter just doesn’t stop. Does it?  Yesterday, the rats learned that the SAA is able to detect tunnels using an undisclosed method based on ultrasound.  For 3 weeks, the SAA listened in on rats burrowing a new tunnel to get under the Air Force Intelligence Complex.  SAA engineers drilled a hole 25 feet from the end of the tunnel and dropped timed clusters of TNT inside.  When the explosion took place, SAA monitors using parabolic microphones could hear the shrieks of the terrified rodents, often interspersed with their meaningless “Allahu Akbar” rants and calls for help.  The operation was timed so that at a certain point, Nusra and its idiot allies would invade the complex at ground level with “hundreds” of screaming rodents.  When that happened, SAA and AFI operatives backed by police and militia sprayed the area with lead so dense even the rats admitted to losing 39 dead with “many wounded”.  The actual number of dead rodents inside the tunnel may never be known since the area is too dangerous for total assessment.  They’ll just rot in the soil.


Baab Al-Hadeed:  The SAA has confirmed killing 62 Nusra jackals in a precisely choreographed and perfectly timed raid on 2 nests here. Both nests were used to manufacture mortar shells along with IEDs.

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Dakkoosh

Adham Faaris

Mustafaa ‘Uraabi

Saadiq Al-Mar’ashli

Ahmad Daftardaar

Sabaah Ni’ma

Qusayy Al-Mawlaa

Muhammad Adeeb Khashshaab

‘Ali Jaasim

Usaamaa Al-Sa’aati

Faarooq Hishaam Al-Ruzz

Talaal Abu-Ghayth

The rest could not be identified and are certainly foreign.  Many are suspected Turks.


Qaadhi ‘Askar:  9 rodents killed and 13 wounded with 6 pickups destroyed.  No other details.


Al-Shaykh Khudhr:  Confirmed 17 dead Nusra/Alqaeda rats killed.  No other details, yet.


Bani Zayd:  I have received information that the SAA smothered a group of Nusra rodents here, but, the information is still being prepared for publication by SANA.  Expect big numbers.


Handaraat:  Another Nusra mess with the SAA killing a reported 5.


WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (Thanks, Anonymous) (This tape was also shown on Al-Alam)

Watch Kurdish fighters target a suicide bomber’s car with explosive results.

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