ALEPPO:  You know we have direct access to developments in Aleppo because my wife’s 3 nephews and my brother-in-law live there right in the center.  The Alqaeda/Nusra  rodents and their affiliates in Liwaa` Al-Tawheed, Liwaa` Al-Fath, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya have been trying to regain some lost territory but without much success.  They are now bogged down near the Citadel area and the SAA is pushing to seal off all resupply routes.  Once that is accomplished, the rats will be forced into starvation.  They are targeting civilians with their mortar shells in the area of Sulaymaaniyya and Al-Shaykh ‘Ali.  Sulaymaaniyya is populated almost exclusively by Christians – Syrians and Armenians.  Yesterday, the SAA assessed the aftermath of a failed Alqaeda assault on the Citadel and these Syrian carcasses were identified:

‘Aatib Al-Shaykh

Sameeh Baddoor

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Abu-Farah

Muhammad ‘Aql

The other 22 could not be identified.


Al-Mallaah Farms:  Huge losses now reported at this location from March 23, 2015 to today.  The number of rodents which have been deployed here indicate the inept hands of English degenerates operating out of the “Operations Room” in Rayhanli, Turkey.  Wael estimates that the number of rats lost here since March 23, 2015 is around 250 with hundreds wounded.  The SAAF has played a major role here.

Abu Uways Al-Tunisi (TUNISIAN SWINE DROPPING. Id pending.)

Abu Anas Al-Sha’laan (SAUDI RAT VOMIT. Id pending.)


Thermal Station east of Aleppo:  On the road to Al-Raqqa, the SAA killed 11 rodents belonging to Kataa`ib Shams Al-Shamaal (Brigades of the Northern Sun. Oh, yawn!) including a notorious terrorist whose only fame was his indiscriminate firing of 23mm cannons from atop a pickup truck, usually targeting minorities, hence his nickname:

‘Abdul-Qaadir Shaykh Junayd (a/k/a “’ABDU ABU DOSCHKA)  

Muhammad Mustafaa Da’bool

Siraajeddeen Hussayn Al-Sanam

Khudhr Saami Al-Soofi

The rest were all Turks or some species of cannibal. army

Duwwayr Zaytoon:  The Alqaeda group took it hard here as the SAAF laid waste to their convoys of trucks with Saudi weapons and ammo.  No other details.


Al-Zarzoor:  SAA infantry backed up by tanks drove a pack of rodents out of this village killing 4 and wounding many more.


Al-Qaysamiyya:  Another village where skirmishing took place. I have no details.


Karm Al-Qaatirji – Qastal Haraami:  SAA artillery struck a nest of Alqaeda rats directly killing a large number.


Khaan Toomaan:  More Nusra casualties as the SAA clobbered them in wave after wave of artillery and rocket fire.  The details to be published tomorrow, hopefully.


Al-Shumaysaat Village:  The SAA killed 13 rodents here, all foreigners and destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.  The remaining weapons and ammunition seized will be distributed to our militias.



John Esq. sent me this article about the resilience of the Syrian Air Force. It’s detailed and very illuminating:

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