التطورات الميدانية ليوم الأحد.. استهدف الإرهابيين بقصف صاروخي ومروحي للجيش



Tallat Dhuhoor Al-Baydar:  Another strategic elevation over Al-Zabadaani was liberated yesterday by the SAA.  This was once occupied by the Alqaeda/Nusra group of terrorists supported by units of Ahraar Al-Shaam.  Weapons and ammunition were left behind by the terrorist rats who fled toward their Zionist masters.  According to Monzer, early reports indicate 11 rodents killed with many wounded seen being carried off toward Occupied Palestine.


Elevation Point 1715: This is, also, in the Western Al-Zabadaani Mountains where the Alqaeda murderers once found haven.  Not any more.  3 rats killed in the operation to take back this site.


Sheer Al-Nusoor and Dhahrat Al-Zaytoon:  The last terrorists surrendered here this morning to the SAA.  They will not be offered any Amnesty because they were members of Alqaeda and were mostly foreigners.  SyrPer is demanding their execution.


Faaleetaa:  At the border with Lebanon, the SAA killed 13 filthy, plague-carrying rodents:

‘Ali Hakkoom

Anwar Mahmoud Sa’ad

Jihaad ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Saalih

The others were not named and are presumed to be foreign.


Doumaa:  At the Tal Kurdi Farms and Al-Reehaan Farms, 23 rodents were killed and scores wounded in a perfected ambush laid by the SAA and the NDC.  These were ‘Alloosh’s criminals complemented by a toxic dose of Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam (yawn).  A large cache of weapons and ammo was discovered and immediately turned over to our militias for killing Wahhbist pigs.


Harastaa:  East of the Secondary Roundabout near Salaahuddeen Mosque.  7 rodents were seen fall by spotters.  No other details available.

مخيم اليرموك:

Yarmouk Camp:  Unidentified killers shot to death a Hamas jackal by the name of Dr. Yahyaa Hawraani (a/k/a “Abu Suhayb”) while he was on his way to the Palestine Hospital inside the camp. Nusra is believed to be behind the assassination, but, has instead accused the Fake Syrian Army of the crime.


Al-Zamaaniyya Farms:  3 vermin taken down here:

Bahaa` Sharafeeddeen

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Tabbaan

‘Umraan ‘Abdul-Majeed Taqtaq


East Ghoutaa:  10 rats killed trying to infiltrate into Dhumayr.  They were ambushed by the SAA after several hours monitoring their movements and communications:



If you want a call for war, read this article and contact the Carnegie Institute to tell them you want Lina Khatib’s  resignation.  John Esq. sent this with a laugh. I don’t think it’s any laughing matter:


Note also that the Turkish courts have acquitted all 236 military defendants accused by rat Erdoghan of trying to oust him.  Go General Basbug.

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