مقتل 24 إرهابياً من داعش بينهم قيادي بغار لسلاح الجو السوري بريف حمص


‘Alloosh ordered his remaining horde of rodents to open fire with mortars and Katyushas at innocent civilians living in Al-Mazza District 86 and the Villas area this morning (Damascus time).  Oh, he was successful in making friends of the Syrian people by killing them and destroying their property.  All this because of a temper tantrum occasioned by the Syrian Army’s refusal to negotiate with him any more.  He is going to die. That’s it.  And, he’s not taking it terribly well. Evidently, he is having doubts about the Afterlife and the folderol about 72 Virginians waiting for him in Paradise.

The mortar fire came from both Doumaa and Jawbar.  Once spotters pinpointed the exact coordinates for the mortars and Katyushas, the SAAF took to the air from Al-Mazza Airbase nearby and struck with lethal accuracy further reducing the number of rats up which ‘Alloosh can rely to keep him alive.  We can confirm that the mortars and Katyusha launchers were neutralized.


Zamalkaa:  7 Jaysh Al-Islam vermin were killed and their weapons and ammo destroyed this morning in a surround and snuff operation in which the SAA is becoming increasingly expert.

Firaas Ahmad Ghissn

Muhammad Al-Shaykh-Hassan

Shaadi ‘Ali ‘Atwa

Moosaa ‘Abdul-Ghafoor Al-Safadi

The other 3 were not named.


HOMS:  At the Al-Jadhal Gas Field area, a convoy moving rapidly from the East was set upon by our glorious Syrian Air Force.  This occurred on March 6, 2015.  We can confirm the death of a major leader of ISIS who was among the 60 monkeys traveling in the convoy: Dheeb Hudayjaan Al-‘Utabi, another Saudi freak of nature called the “Al-Waali” or “governor”.  Governor of what is anybody’s guess.  He is now a governor in Hell with all the other 24 rodents who accompanied him.

“Governor” Al-‘Utaybi seen in this photo after an encounter with the Syrian Air Force.


HAMA:التطورات الميدانية ليوم السبت.. الجيش يوسع سيطرته في وسط وشرق البلاد

Kafr Zaytaa:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed by the SAA in a firefight.  I have no other details.


Al-Sayyaad:  In the area of Mahardaa, a mortar and 2 vehicles were destroyed.


Al-Lataamina:  SAA pressure on this area very relentless.  On March 6, 2015, the SAA and SAAF destroyed several mortars, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons and laid waste to revetments and fortifications in preparation for the delousing expecting to take place very soon.  The number of Nusra rats killed was 17 as of the report on the 7th of March.


Kafr Baytaa:  Another bad day for pickup trucks. Another 2 were destroyed here by the SAA and PDC.


Al-Mustareeha Village in the Shahshabu Mountain area: 9 confirmed Nusra rat deaths.  No names.


South Al-Qastal:  The SAA uncovered an underground den used for housing rats and storing weapons.  There was a van nearby which was detected by infantrymen and searched.  It was also loaded with ammunition.  The SAA pretended to be ordinary citizens wanting to see if the car was stolen.  When the rats came out to prevent that, the SAA opened fire killing 4 instantly.  The other 7 surrendered after they realized they were surrounded and the jig was up.  According to Wael, they were afraid of being blown up along with their ammunition.

“Abu ‘Ajaaj” (Id pending)

Hassan Ta’aan Al-Fahd

Raakaan Sa’eed Muhammad

Yaaseen Jaabir ‘Atrooni


Fighting reported also here:  ‘Uqayrabaat, Tahmaaz, Sakba.

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