رئيس هيئة الأركان العامة للجيش العربي السوري يتفقد العمليات في المنطقة الجنوبية

THE SOUTHERN FRONT:  I told you it was a flop.  And it’s getting better for the Syrian Army.  Yesterday, the Chief of the Syrian General Staff, Lt. Gen. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, visited officers and troops to inspect their ranks and evaluate Syrian Army positions after the stunning victories achieved at the villages of Al-Habbaariyya, Khirbat Sultaana, Himreet, where the Al-Qaeda/Nusra terrorists were exterminated by a perfectly choreographed ballet of artillery, air sorties and armor/infantry assault.  These villages are now rat-free.  All are located in Damascus Province at an area we will call from now on the “Triangle” where Qunaytra, Damascus and Der’ah meet.  Once again, let’s list the villages liberated:


Khirbat Sultaana


Hasnu Village

Rajm Al-Sayd area


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  A group of rodents were going to escape to Al-Dhumayr, but, were ambushed after reliable intelligence arrived at MI HQ.  I have no names.  Monzer wrote that the ambush took place on February 23, 2015.


Yarmouk Camp:  A large demonstration at the entrance to the camp was organized by Palestinians who had been evicted from their homes by Nusra.  They are demanding Nusra’s immediate withdrawal from the camp to allow the return of all inhabitants and the restoration of government rule.


In Der’ah Province, the Syrian Army humiliated Alqaeda/Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam by wiping out their presence at the following villages:

Tal Qareen: 23 rodents killed and 16 taken prisoner:

Abbaas Al-Yusuf

Muhammad ‘Umar Al-Dayri

Mahmoud Hussayn Shihaab

‘Adnaan Saamer Al-Dawaaleebi

‘Abdul-Saatir Al-Furaati (IRAQI BAT URINE RESIDUE)

The rest were determined to be foreigners and no positive identification has been made. They will be cremated and their dust fed to the rancid winds that blow toward Arabia.


Kafr Naasij area and Tal-‘Antar: (Liberated a couple of days ago).  We are in clean up mode here as the SAA and National Defense Forces (PDC) comb through every warehouse, culvert and spider hole to find remnant rodents.


Faatima Hills:  Completely liberated and rat free.  Intercepted communications between vermin indicate a state of complete anarchy and indecision inside Nusra/Alqaeda.  The end is near:

Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Ghaalib

Shareef Muhammad Al-Humssi

Wafeeq Jamaal ‘Umraan

Adeeb Ameer Jinnu

Another 6 were not named.

مثلث الجنوب.. قيادة الجيش: العمليات مستمرة وانهيارات كبيرة في صفوف الإرهابيين

Tal Ahmar:  SAA foiled another ill-conceived assault on a checkpoint close to ‘Ayn Al-Nooriyya.


Qarfaa:  Recently deloused by the SAA and the hometown of Maj. Gen. Rustum Ghazaali, director of Political Security, about 26kms from the City, a search-and-snuff operation resulted in a mother lode of weapons and ammo for our PDCs when the rodents left all the goodies behind in an effort to reach the comfort of the Zionist plague-Entity.  Reports that General Ghazaali was killed here while directing operations are completely false and the work of British slime propagandists.   General Ghazaali is trained in intelligence work and does not field command any troops.  He was injured by shrapnel and is recovering.


AL-SUWAYDAA:  The Syrian Army has closed down another pathway used by rodents out of Jordan to smuggle weapons and reinforcements into Syria.  The town of Tal Al-Majda’ has been liberated by the SAA.





Zionist involvement has only succeeded in demonstrating Zionist incompetence.  The SAA is on the march here.


Al-Samdaaniyya Water Reservoir:  4 Alqaeda/Nusra rodents killed here. No names.  Their bodies were spirited off to the Zionist Entity where their organs were probably harvested for use in preserving the miserable lives of stinking Khazars.


Al-Samdaaniyya:  A nest belonging to Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya was vaporized.  10 rats killed and 19 wounded.


Tal Mas-hara:  At the foot of the mountain, the SAA focused artillery fire on a group of Nusra hyenas killing many.  No details.


Al-Hameediyya:  A mortar launcher and rockets were destroyed by SAA as Nusra/Alqaeda vermin were preparing to fire.  It was near the Al-Bawaari Factory west of Qunaytra.  No details.


Burayqa:  The SAA killed a large number of cockroaches belonging to Liwaa` Fajr Al-Islam and Alwiyat Al-Furqaan which are largely supported by the monkey-rats of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Many foreigners from the deserts of Arabia here. All ugly brutes.


Nab’ Al-Sakhr at the roundabout:  SAA destroyed 6 vehicles provided by the Zionist Settler State and funded by the Saudi Arabian Wahhabist heretics.  3 of the vehicles were pickups with 23mm cannons.


Qunaytra City:  At the Main Square, a firefight between SAA and Liwaa` Mu’aadh bin Jabal (yawn) resulted in the deaths of these rodents:

Taariq Haamid Al-Saaqi’

Shaakir Fu`aad Manfookh (He just blew up)

Sabri Muhammad ‘Alyawi

Hussayn Faadhil Jum’ah

Radhwaan Muhsin ‘Aashoor

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