With the Zionist mind behind all the mayhem in the south, it is no surprise the Southern Front is fragmented and impotent.  The Syrian Army can read exactly what the Nusra/Alqaeda rats are doing with little difficulty now because the Zionist modus operandi is very well studied in Damascus.  Yesterday, the SAA mounted a ferocious assault on 2 strongholds still held by the terrorists.  They are now surrounded and the push to the towns perimeters started yesterday preceded by a generous dose of air attacks courtesy of the SAAF.  Other important locations like Mas-hara are on the menu.


Tal Al-Haarra:  With aerial assaults continuing, the rodents are communicating desperation to their Zionist masters on the Golan Heights.  The Zionists cannot use their air force in this area without exposing their bombers to Syria’s patient and precise anti-aircraft defenses.  In all other cases, when the Zionist settlers launched an attack, ostensibly to block the movement of weapons to South Lebanon, they used off-target positions over Occupied Palestine or over the Mediterranean.  Unless the rats can find a position closer to Zionist lines, their destiny appears to be blacker as time goes on.  The terrorists are, themselves, predicting the fall of this town in a few hours unless help arrives.  This is unlikely since the SAA has established a cordon sanitaire around it.  I can hear a dirge.


Tal Al-Maal:  4 vehicles with 23mm cannons were targeted by SAA infantrymen as this village is also about to fall leaving the entire Golan front open for the major assault by the SAA.


Tal Karak:  The word “Karak” in Arabic is from the Old French “Crac”/”Krak”, or citadel.  Thus, Crac des Chevaliers, in Homs Province means “Citadel of the Knights”.  Yesterday, the SAA destroyed another nest of rodents killing 7 of them and seizing all their weapons and ammunition:

Murshid Ahmad Sahnoon

As’ad Al-Qurooni

No other names were sent.



Indian givers! Indian givers! The Nobel Prize should be given back by Obama.  Here’s why:,-asks-obama-to-return-peace-prize.html

Here’s more about ridiculous prizes awarded to savages like Tony Blair:

New evidence about old Zionist war crimes:

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