A Syrian Army officer scouts the horizon for crawling vermin with Turk DNA as the defenses of Idlib are reconfigured and reinforced.

IDLIB:  Aleppo is falling in its entirety to the Syrian Army as the city’s remnant terrorists fight for each bread crumb they can find.  The rats are desperate for some morale-raising victory to compensate for the catastrophe of losing Syria’s Second City to the legitimate government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Wouldn’t it be nice to move the citadel of terror to Idlib, raise the black flag of nihilism and inaugurate another sorry chapter in the history of fake Islam?  That’s the plan hatched by the idiot Turk war criminals and genocidal freaks in Ankara.  But, if it all goes according to their guileless stratagems, their rat foot soldiers will find themselves all the more precipitously at the threshold of Hell itself.

Yesterday, the SAA literally smashed an attempt to break into the city at the East Entrance to the Industrial Zone close to the National Museum.  These American-supported jackals found themselves under a maelstrom of heavy fire from missiles they have never seen before.  You see, for the last 5 days, the SAA has been heavily reinforcing its defensive and offensive capabilities in side the city and reconfiguring the defenses.  We have new, much more sophisticated domestically-produced short-range missiles with much more explosive power than before.  Notwithstanding the fact our technology was designed to kill Khazar Zionist trash in Occupied Palestine, it must now be used to annihilate their Islamist  progeny in Syria.

At the Eastern Entrance, the Nusra/Alqaeda group,  organized by Obama & Company and their British coprophagist factotums, tried the usual suicide truck ploy to break into an impregnable wall of revetments and fortifications.  This fool’s errand, no doubt engineered by Pakistani hoodlums anxious to escape the squalor of their own countries to replace it with the earthly and sleep-inducing eventuality of eternal life with a bunch of bedizened dames,  is so well-known to us that Syrian soldiers can almost detect the vibrations of trucks filled with military grade TNT and C-4 (Semtex) enhancers by the hairs in their ears.  We don’t even need dogs or information from MI any longer.  Our soldiers can merely look into their binoculars and prepare to render the offending truck a wad of twisted, white hot metal.  That’s what happened yesterday.

What’s so nice about these suicide trucks is that they are followed inevitably by large convoys of smiling, bearded baboons, usually from impoverished backgrounds who have little or nothing to live for but the cacophonic screams of “Allahu Akbar”, a mantra so overused it has now outstripped the English word “f…k” as the Poster Child for the Lexicon of Meaningless Utterances.   With so many happy apes brandishing their weapons and cold steel, you’d think our soldiers would cower in fear.  No. Not really.  What the commander in charge of the defense of Idlib did was order the SAA to open fire “with everything you’ve got”.  When the SAAF joined in too, the scene was reminiscent of a California forest fire at its most intense.  According to Wael and SANA, SAA spotters counted over 300+ carcasses suppurating in the sunshine.  It was beautiful.  Rat communications intercepted by MI indicated rodent commanders were announcing a massive debacle.

As I write this post, the SAAF is bombing the northeast and southwest rural areas around the city day and night in very precise, laser-guided strikes.  The SAA is paying particular attention to an expected assault by thousands of rodents to the south of the city. Every rat came from Turkey with the blessings of the arch-war criminal and child molester, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan. – May he eat his children in Hell.


Kafr Roomaa:  The SAAF killed these members of Liwaa` Al-Eemaan, a franchise of Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya,  Is acknowledged by heretic, terrorist websites:

‘Abdullah Shartah (leader)

Abu ‘Ammaar Al-Hamawi

Abu Hassan Islaam

‘Udayy Abu Hussayn (a/k/a Abu Khaalid Karam Al-Zaytoon)

Kinaan Ahmad Al-Sayyid-‘Ali


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