خسائر فادحة للمجموعات الإرهابية إثر هجوم فاشل على قرى في ريف حماة

HAMA:  The terrorists were building up a massive force to assault outposts and fortified bases of the Syrian Army around the Christian town of Muharda.  (See map).  The build-up was not very secret as citizens continue to report activities like this to the legitimate authorities enabling the army and air force to prepare an appropriate reception for the plague-carrying rodents.  The groups involved were Alqaeda/Nusra, Fawj Suqoor Al-Ghaab, Al-Jabha Al-Islaamiyya.  The force was estimated at about 4,500 vermin armed with 3 armored trucks, 12 vans carrying ammunition, an undisclosed number of trucks carrying the rats, 16 mortars, MD artillery, and TOW anti-tank missiles provided by the Americans to Alqaeda.

The first objective was to overrun the Al-Zalaaqiyyaat-Al-Buwaydha-Al-Masaafina Triangle.  The SAA knew that from sources as varied as communication intercepts and HUMINT.  Wael reports that Turkish and British officers in Adana were controlling the rodents.  That’s probably why they flopped.

lThe rats split into 3 armies to attack all 3 towns.  The strategic objective was an assault on wholly Christian town of Muharda and, then, establish control over the Hama-Latakia Highway.  In their dreams.


With weather conditions propitious, the SAAF took to the air and proceeded to soften up the rigidly-aligned convoys with both missiles and machine guns.  Wael reports that the entire area was illumined by exploding ordnance carried by the rodents in their trucks with hundreds injured and screaming for medical attention that could not come.  It was a disaster similar to Gallipoli or Canae.  The terrorists walked straight into a maws of the monster.  As I write, hundreds of rodents (including their leaders) have surrendered mostly because they needed medical treatment.  Those who had valid Syrian papers were given priority.  All Tunisians, Libyans and the rest of the motley crew of cannibals and savages were left to rot into putrescence before their inevitable descent into Hell.


Syrian Arab Army

Their dreams of occupying the iconic Syrian Christian town of Muharda were smashed completely.  Even their terrorist websites are bemoaning the loss of rat life and the victory of the Syrian Armed Forces.  But, here’s some interesting news for you.  Both Hilfaayaa and Muharda are firmly under the control of loyal Syrian citizens.  Muharda, especially, has given more candidates for the special forces than any other area in Syria.  I know this town very well.  Besides making some of the best ‘Araq in the Levant, it has a population capable of blunting any assault by any combination of vermin terrorists because the government has allowed the population here to arm.  What I am saying is that even if the rats had been able to overrun SAA military posts, they would not have been able to control the towns.


Al-Laahiya:  A convoy of Nusra/Alqaeda trucks and vehicles belonging to Fawj Suqoor Al-Ghaab were destroyed. No other details.


Umm Mayyaal:  Another Alqaeda convoy was detected, assaulted from the air, and destroyed completely.


South of Al-Lahhaaya Village:  The SAA and security services stopped and confiscated a vehicle carrying drugs, light weapons and telecommunications equipment from Turkey.


Fighting also reported here: Al-Rahjaan (Defense Minister Al-Furayj’s home town), Al-Faasida, Al-Lataamina, Kafr Zaytaa.


AL-HASAKA:  Here are the names of the 33 villages liberated by the Syrian Army yesterday in a campaign which is moving inexorably to Al-Raqqa:


Tal Bazaari


Kharaab Al-Baydh

Tal Hamza




Rajm Al-Fayyaadh

Kawzat Al-Faras

Khirbat Zoomaan

Upper Khuwaylid

Lower Khuwaylid

Tal Aswad



Al-Shaykh Naamis





Al-Ajnaana Farms

Khirbat Al-Dibs

Lesser Mushayrifa

Kaakaa Sa’eed

Umm Al-Shawk






Old Tal Al-Buraak Road:  Totally secure after the ISIS rats tried to block the SAA from establishing a safe zone here.  This road is important for supplying the SAA with weapons, ammunition and food.


Al-Daawoodiyya Village:  SAA artillery annihilated ISIS vermin here.  The ISIS group tried to dislodge the SAA but failed.  Our army liberated this village back in early February 2015.


Al-Maylabiyya:  Artillery destroyed all ISIS elements here in a village about 15kms from the city.  61 rats counted dead with 14 vehicles destroyed.


Abyadh Village:  Again, SAA artillery delivered the goods 25kms west of Al-Hasaka City.


Al-Tawaareej Silos:  Northeast of the city, the SAA has liberated this area completely.  The rats escaped in a state of anarchy.


Hundreds of IEDs have now been dismantled by SAA engineers at Farfara Village, Tal Ahmad Village, Khirbat Nooraa, Tufayhiyya Village. 

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