DAMASCUS:  The Yarmouk Camp was a suburb of Damascus which had all the comforts and facilities of a modern city until the infestation by NATO-supported rodents from Al-Qaeda (Nusra).  Some good news has been coming out recently.  One item was the dissolution of the Anfaal organization and its subsequent absorption into the government-sanctioned Popular Defense Committees.  But, today,  even more good news came out:  The Syrian Army executed a perfect assault on Nusra positions here and killed 2 of the most important leaders:

Muhammad Al-Fawraani (a/k/a Abu Jihaad. Rat leader and field commander)

Muhammad Al-Shaykh (Mufti of the Canonical Council, professional know-nothing and child molester. A/k/a Abu Ameen)

Another 10 rodents were killed but have not been identified.  With these vermin now bathing in the waters of the Styx River, Nusra has been losing an enormous number of leaders if you’ve been following SyrPer.


Kafr Batnaa:  A factory for IEDs and rockets was discovered and destroyed.  In so doing, the SAA killed 6 rats:

Ridhaa Al-Taweel

Faarooq Muhammad Al-Ustaa

Muhammad Khaalid ‘Abduh Abu-Al-‘Alaayaa

‘Imaad Habeeb Al-Ghazaali

The other 2 were not identified.


Irbeen:  At the Al-‘Uthmaan Mosque, 3 rats down.  No names.


Baalaa Village:  8 rodents killed in firefight with SAA.  Large stores of weapons siezed.


Daarayyaa:  2 killed east of the Sukayna Shrine.


الجيش السوري يبدأ المرحلة الثانية من عمليات القصير

 Hawsh Al-Faarra Farms:  3 vehicles, one of which was a pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.


Fighting also in Bayt Sahm and Al-Marja.




Rasm Marta’ Al-Furss:  Northeast of the city, completely liberated with 68 IEDs and mines neutralized or dismantled.


Tal Al-Asfar:  SAA reportedly pursuing Nusra rodents all the way to the Jordanian border.



Penny doubts ISIS and (if she’s wrong), ISIS is falling apart anyways:

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