ALEPPO:  Not to be outdone by an entire generation of Islamist degenerates and professional clowns, Abu Sind Al-Ansaari, (see photo above) who is believed to be from Pakistan, a notorious breeding ground for gullible pea-brains and assorted derelicts from areas of the world in which you wouldn’t hide your chamberpot, tried his best since the disastrous and puke-inducing efforts to barrel through the gates of the Central Prison to do the same at the gates of Handaraat.  He came out of the Al-Mallaah Farms area in a “BMW” car loaded with C-4 and headed for his destiny.

Since he was speeding – (couldn’t wait for God to open the doors of Valhalla for him) – Syrian Army spotters figured out this clown was up to no good and blinked lights at him to see if he was just some race car driver.  When he wouldn’t stop, they opened fire on his car.  He hurtled forward anyways, disregarding the fusillades of bullets that were now seeking shelter in his accursed carcass.  About 350 yards from his target, he decided to detonate the bombs in his car even though he had accomplished nothing but splatter his earthly remains all around the area.

Investigating crews are trying to find out who this mutton-head was for no reason other than to resolve a bet I made with one of my friends about his being Pakistani.  Otherwise, he would just be left to percolate into the soil as some cheap fertilizer.


Al-Baab:  It doesn’t get better than this.  10 ISIS hyenas were involved in a firefight with the SAA about 30kms south of the Turk border.  When they realized things were not going their way, they began to kill one another.  I’m not joking. When 5 of them decided to make smoke for the comfort of Erdoghan’s vast green valleys, the other 5 tried to stop them.  Well, that was quite a SNAFU.  The ones trying to escape shot back at the ones trying to stop the escape.  I was told by Wael that the Syrian Army infantrymen were puzzled for a while as the scavengers were firing at one another.  Eventually, nobody survived except a Tunisian who is not expected to survive his wounds.  There were 9 Europeans among the dead.


Handaraat Farms:  The SAA killed 13 rodents belonging to Al-Fawj Al-Awwal and Ahraar Al-Shaam,  after a 6-hour siege initiated by the SAA yesterday.  6 were arrested and are warbling beautifully.

Alaa` Abu-Zayd

Abu Homs (leader of North Rural Aleppo Sector for Ahraar Al-Shaam)

Ahmad Muhammad Tahn

Abu Hamza Atma (reportedly a liaison for Nusra)

No other names reported.


Bashkuwy:  SAA destroyed a T-62 tank and an RPG launcher killing 3 rodents from Nusra/Alqaeda.


Bashkuwy:  2 bulldozers destroyed and 4 rats killed.



Several readers sent this new development to us about the U.S.-Zionist-U.K.-UAE connection. Enjoy and remember my article about Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi:  (Thanks, Sam)

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