Al-Shaykh Hilaal:  In an operation distinguished more by guile than traditional military tactic, the Syrian Army Military Intelligence used information gathered from informants inside Al-Raqqa City to lure a combined force of Nusra/Alqaeda and ISIS cannibals into a trap resulting in the deaths of hundreds of terrorists.

This is an important point.  This may be the first time we have seen actual coordination between the 2 Takfeeri groups who receive most of their support from the absurd monkey-state of Saudi Arabia.  While the Saudis pretend to fear ISIS, they are, however, complicit in its creation and committed wholly to its nurturance.  It is also Ziad’s belief that the U.S. only wants to kill the “turned” brute Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi while keeping ISIS alive and under control to fight the Syrian Army.  Such is the treachery of the United States.

Yesterday, at dawn, 6 convoys of Nusra and ISIS savages were detected approaching SAA checkpoints around the area of Al-Shaykh Hilaal on the Al-Raqqa-Salamiyya Roads.  It was clear from Intel what these mostly foreign rodents were up to: sever the Al-Raqqa – Salamiyya Road and the Salamiyya – Aleppo Road.   The SAA deliberately leaked out information that the checkpoints at Al-Shaykh Hilaal, Al-Majbal, Al-Huwayta would be evacuated in order to avoid unnecessary loss of life because “the attacking force was unstoppable”.  The Syrian Army here was backed up by over 60 frontline battle tanks which are destined to be used in the liberation of Al-Raqqa.  They were dug in with their turrets barely visible to the naked eye.  Behind the armored force were an undisclosed number of mortars, Howitzers and Katyushas at the ready.  Behind those were over a thousand Syrian troops

Intercepted communications indicated the rats fell for the trick and were speeding to what they thought would be a glorious victory to be filmed and exhibited on all Takfiri ape websites.  The terrorists could be seen brandishing new weapons like heat-seeking missiles, and driving vans rigged to explode with their suspension systems depressed indicating a large load of military-grade TNT.  From their communications, it was determined almost all the rodents were from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Tunisia.  Because of the involvement of these kinds of cockroaches, the operation was doomed.

As soon as the convoys started to split up in order to occupy the abandoned checkpoints, the field commander ordered the tanks and artillery to open fire.  Infantrymen and Popular Defense Force militia were at the ready to assault the remnant rats once their ranks had been decimated by the force of the rocket and missile attack.  It took 2 hours to finally disable and explode the last vehicle and it took another five hours to find each and every filthy-bearded ape-rodent and kill him.

At last count, Monzer says the number of dead rodents has exceeded 316 with more coming to his desk.  A brilliant victory for our army.


Hazeema Village:  This took place on March 8, 2015, the SAA assaulted a group of ISIS rodents and killed:

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-‘Anzi (KUWAITI LEPROUS ROACH.  Known also as “Abu Talha Al-Kuwayti”, he was a financial officer for ISIS in Al-Raqqa)



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