زيارة ميدانية لوزير الدفاع السوري في المنطقة الجنوبية

Lt. General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, touring the Southern Front after both the Syrian Army and Hizbollah shattered Nusra fortifications killing over 300 rodents and forcing the rats to take cover behind Zionist lines in the Golan.  Many also rushed to Jordan for treatment at the hands of Jordanian quack doctors.  


رستم غزالي من درعا: نذرنا أرواحنا لحماية سورية

Brig. General, Rustum Ghazaala, Director of the Political Security Bureau (Al-Amn Al-Siyaasi), visits his home town of Qarfaa, in Der’ah Province, and speaks to officers who just annihilated the Zionist-rat trash belonging to Nusra.  He excoriated the Zionist Abomination, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United States for their involvement in the spread of terrorism in Syria and their effort to break Syria into pieces – an effort that is doomed to fail. 


DER’AH:  There are critical developments in the triangle which brings Damascus, Qunaytra and Der’ah together.  This triangle is the focus of the rodent Zionist pariah state.  The campaign in this area was not supposed to go the way it did.  By Zionist calculations the terrorists, who received direct military support from the nations mentioned herein-above, were to be advancing in the Damascus Plain toward the capital which is the government’s center of power.

The Zionists under Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) are stupid.  Don’t ever believe they are intelligent.  By assassinating a group of Hizbollah officers and some Iranians who were visiting the area of the Golan, they have unintentionally opened up a Pandora’s Box.  You see, Hizbollah has received the “go-ahead” from Iran to deploy in the Golan Heights and to undertake all military missions there.  Syria, for its part, has agreed to the deployment and is coordinating with the Lebanese super-militia.  In doing so, the Syrian Army has been freed in 2 ways:  The First Army Corps stationed around Damascus can reconfigure to defend the capital in the air and on the ground.  On the second level, units of the 4th Mechanized Armored Division can concentrate all their power on the Jordan Front.  SyrPer has learned that Hizbollah has positioned 25,000 of its troops on the Golan with a large contingent of Iranian officers acting as liaison and advisors.  Hizbollah fighters have been seen in long convoys moving into Syria.  Zionist combat jets were also seen tracking their movements.

I have learned, also, that Syria may turn on the S-300 radar soon.  This decision was made in consultation with our Russian allies who always wisely advised against disclosing technology.  With a regional war to start soon, the Russians, having nearly resolved some of their seriious problems in the Ukraine are itching to demonstrate the power of their technology.  The Jordanians and the Zionists are going to get rocked by what Syria is preparing to unleash.

تواصل معارك الجنوب.. وصدمة في إسرائيل من سرعة انهيار دفاعات الجماعات الإرهابية؟

‘Abdullah II of Jordan came to the United States in 2013 and told Obama that if Assad would not resign his position by the end of the year, he would participate in any effort to oust the president.  That, of course, translated into open collaboration with the Zionist State and the simian kingdoms of Qatar and KSA.  Now that the Southern Front has turned out to be a major flop, the Jordanian dwarf king, a pig from the Hashemite line of traitors and British slaves, has put his fate into the hands of the Zionists in what appears to be a full theater war to crush the Syrian Army.  But, we have bad news for the fat rat monarch.  Very bad news indeed.  He will be lucky to survive this gambit for 2 months as movements are afoot in Jordan to oust him and his stinking litter-mates.  His “loyal” tribes, the Bani Sakhr and Huwaytaat, cannot save him because the population of Jordan is deeply opposed to any cooperation with the Zionist State to attack a fellow Arab country.  His soldiers could mutiny at any time as the pretense to massing troops on the “Iraqi” border becomes an all-too-clear deployment on the Syrian border.

We have kept from you the details of the “Big Surprise” for a good reason.  But, you will see it in Cinerama and Technicolor very shortly.  And so will the enemies of Syria.





Tal-‘Antar:  The SAA is cleaning up pockets of resistance here.


Tal-Al-‘Alaaqiyya Village:  At the Dayr Al-‘Adas Triangle which was liberated 3 days ago, SAA killed 8 rodents.


Zimreen:  SAA artillery fired volleys of rockets and shells at the northern hill destroying 2 terrorist bases.


Simleen and Zimreen:  More fortifications destroyed by SAA as preparations are underway to liberate the area.


Itmaan:  West of the Al-Kawaabil Building, the SAA killed 16 hyenas in the West Neighborhood:

Haaroon Suwaydaani

Taahaa ‘Abbaara

Jawaad Bakri

Taariq Muhammad Al-Shihaada

The rest were not named.


Tafass:  SAA confirmed 11 killed and scores wounded.  I have no names.


Al-Hiraak:  Rats coming in from Jordan with the help of the Jordanian military were strafed by SAAF and their convoy forced to return.  Many rats wounded.


Busraa Al-Shaam:  The SAA destroyed a Hell cannon and killed 2 rats in its vicinity.


More fighting here:  Al-Shaykh Miskeen, Al-Jeeza, Ma’raba, Al-Lijaat, Daa’il


Al-Muzayreeb:  The SAA killed this rodent:

Muraad Faayiz Muhammad



Putin scores big again.  U.S. foreign policy, the loser, again:

Germany’s lying press exposed with a new website devoted to exactly that:


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