Jordan executes 2 terrorists after ISIL kills pilot

Lt. Mu’aadh Al-Kasaasiba hailed from a large Jordanian tribe originating in the area of Al-Karak.  The tribe is known for its allegiance to the non-indigenous Hashemites one of whose members is the reigning king, ‘Abdullah II. 

The Kasaasiba, as best as I can figure, are a branch of the much larger Huwaytaat Tribe whose fame was insured in the movie Lawrence of Arabia which starred everybody’s favorite third-worlder, Anthony Quinn, who played the role of ‘Awda Abu Taayih, the leader of the Huwaytaat recruited by Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) to help the Brits in their war against the Ottoman Turks.

I am extremely wary of videos coming out of the conflict in Syria.  I became aware of the fraudulent character of most of these propaganda images after the scandal concerning Danny ‘Abdul-Daayim who was caught staging scenes of horror in a make-believe city of Homs, Syria.  His motivation was to compel Western audiences to demand greater involvement in ousting the president of Syria, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  When a tape was produced showing him giving instructions to his crew about sound effects, and after the tape fell into the hands of the Syrian security services which immediately turned it viral, the veil was lifted.  ‘Abdul-Daayim’s principal sponsor was the very embarrassed Anderson Cooper of CNN who asked Danny how the Syrian agents got a hold of that damning tape.  His answer was: “I just don’t know, Anderson”.

“The Voice of Homs”, the stagnant wretch and rat liar, Danny ‘Abdul-Daayim, cashes in on the lies he perpetrated at the expense of the Syrian people.  I have heard that all his films were made in a studio outside London. 


We’ve all been through the farcical efforts of the exiled opposition to create a mood of hysteria in the Western Press in order to engage NATO in a direct strike on the Syrian Army.  Some of the efforts were so fraudulent in nature, they would constitute legitimate comedy.  One such effort involved a teen age girl named Zaynab Al-Hussni whose welfare attracted the attention of such bogus humanitarian organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.  Oh, they made a big stink about what they heard from their “reliable” sources in the exile opposition.  You see, folks, she was tortured, raped and then killed by the “shabbeeha” of the Assad Police State.  That was the narrative the liars in HRW and AI wanted you to hear.

Well, she, that’s Zaynab mind you, appeared on television in Syria protesting the lies about her.  She humiliated both HRW and AI when she said the only reason she left her home was because her brothers were planning to beat her up for some transgression.  End of story.  More farce and egg on people’s faces.  And the fiction started to pile up until nobody cared anymore.

Nobody cared until ISIS came along to knock Alqaeda (Jabhat Al-Nusra) out of the Olympic Atrocity competition.  There were beheadings of priests and Muslim clerics who didn’t believe in the peculiar brand of nihilism marketed by the Saudi-Turk-supported savages.  There were forced marriages and Sex Jihad.  Homosexuals were hurled from buildings to their death.  And if they were found to have survived the fall, they were killed by lethal blows to the head.  All these atrocities, including destruction of churches and historically important sites made Nusra’s decapitation of the bust of Abu-Al-‘Alaa` Al-Ma’arri seem like a Dr. Seuss story in comparison.

Despite constant reportage about the beheadings in Iraq with some gruesome tapes released most professionally by the ISIS propaganda network,  Westerners were still heard to advise caution in dealing with the threat presented by the Wahhabist/Takfiri group.  It must have been frustrating for the neo-Con terrorist-supporters and traitors in D.C. and their sponsors like John “Alzheimer” McCain and Lindsay Graham to come up against a formidable wall whenever they discussed military intervention.  To keep the vultures at bay, Obama even started a training program for terrorists in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in an effort to assuage their hurt feelings with the proviso that these terrorists would be “moderate” and “vetted”.  According to the script, the new terrorists would be directed to fight against ISIS – not the Syrian government.  The laughter was inevitable.

On December 24, 2015, an F-16 pilot of the Jordanian Royal Air Force was shot down over Al-Raqqa by terrorists in ISIS.  It is certain that he was shot down by American-supplied MANPADs.  The U.S. is on record as having provided MANPADS to Harakat Hazm a group touted by Foggy Bottom as being “moderate” and “vetted”.  But that group sold the MANPADS to ISIS which is why the U.S. and Hazm are no longer on speaking terms.  In fact, Hazm is about to be exterminated, not by the Syrian Army, but, by Alqaeda.  I do not believe the jet was shot down by a Russian-made Strela or any of the shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles which were putatively available to the Iraqi Army.  The F-16 had built-in jamming devices and heat balloons to tip the Russian-made missiles away.     

Either I’m correct in my assessment that the U.S. and the Zionist Abomination created ISIS but lost control of it – or – and it’s a big “or” – ISIS was created by Turkey, given refuge and training on Turk soil,  in order to appease the Saudi vermin who could not abide the presence of the independent, secular and nationalistic Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus.  Erdoghan could expect to score big financially for his cooperation.  The first option is the best when linked to Erdoghan’s role in the second.  All evidence points to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi as having been released by the Americans while they were in Iraq and his being transferred to a Mossad psyops warfare clinic outside Tel Aviv.

The gist of all this, if you’ve read my study on the origins of ISIS, is that the Jordanian was burned on order of the Turk handlers who were at the service of the Saudi degenerates who still insist on a NATO strike against the secular government of Syria.  The failure to garner support for a military intervention through the purposefully staged mock beheadings (Johnny Jihad nonsense) and outlandish scenes of tossing homosexuals off buildings – or the mockery of Sex Jihad – convinced the Saudis that the pilot had to be burned in a scene so horrifying even hardened blokes, like your editor, would barely be able to look without wincing.

But, I looked.  I looked carefully at the tape.  I am no expert on pyrotechnics or arson, or any of the black arts connected to the phenomenon of fire.  I just have common sense, that’s all.  I do not believe the pilot was burned to death.  If I’m wrong, and he was, I still insist it was on the order of the Saudi Arabian roaches communicated to Erdoghan’s thugs.

Look at the ground upon which Lt. Al-Kasaasiba is standing.  The soil surrounding the cage is indistinguishable from the soil inside the cage.  Yet, the fire does not spread.  It is possible, of course, that an accelerant was used only inside the cage, but, that begs the question: how do you get dirt to light up enough to burn someone to death?  It seems like a Hollywoodish scene – dreamt up by some failed special effects aficionado.

Here’s what I know: the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate informed the Jordanian Intelligence supremo, Gen. Faysal Al-Shawbaki, that based on Intel inside Al-Raqqa, Lt. Al-Kasaasiba was executed on January 3, 2015.  If he was burned to death, really, that was the date ISIS committed the horrific act.  When ISIS wanted to exchange the pilot for Sajeeda Al-Rishaawi, who was under a death sentence in Jordan for terrorism,  the Jordanians understandably demanded to see evidence that the pilot was still alive.  ISIS insisted that Al-Rishaawi be exchanged for the pilot in – guess what? – Turkey! Why Turkey?  ISIS knew it could not prove that Al-Kasaasiba was alive, announced the passing of deadlines,  and chose instead to publish the tape in a manner calculated to stir anger all over the world.  The choreography was flawless – as though produced and directed by Ridley Scott. (Readers’ Note: A Syrian agent was beheaded in Al-Raqqa by ISIS just before the tape was released. SyrPer believes he was the source of the information about January 3, 2015. He was not a Jordanian agent as the Western lying press reported.)

The editing of the execution was characterized by several shots indicating a certain sophistication in filming.  After all, ISIS has mastered the techniques of multiplying its capabilities through the visual arts.  But, if ISIS knew they had no pilot to turn over in exchange for Al-Rishaawi, why did they wait so long?  It’s because the whole affair was staged to build up tension, just like a movie.  That’s why.

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