On Sunday, February 22, 2015 at about 3:00 a.m. (Damascus Time), Turkish troops, coordinating their movements with ISIS, the savage terrorist organization bent of reshaping the Middle East in the image of their goat God, invaded Syria to purportedly remove the remains of Sulayman Shah, the reputed father of Ertughrul who is the father of the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, Othman I.  He supposedly drowned in the Euphrates River in 1236 C.E. because he was such an imbecile he didn’t know that the armor he wore would sink him if he tried to float to the other side, hence the suggestion that Recep Erdoghan, the lame-brained fanatical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood member,  is a direct descendant of this Central Asian Seljuq mutton head.

The tomb is an “exclave” of the Turkish Republic.  The original exclave was located to the south at Ja’bar Citadel but was threatened with inundation after the Syrian government of General Haafizh Al-Asad opened the Tabqa Dam in 1973-1974.  So, both governments agreed that the tomb, so holy to the paganistic Turks, should be moved northwards to its present location which can be seen herein-above.

The exclave was created by agreement of the pathetic and malicious French authorities during the mandate period over Syria after WWI when the allied forces of France and Britain decided to divvy up the spoils of the Ottoman Empire according to the Sykes-Picot Agreement.  But, in an effort to assuage the hurt feelings of the genocidal Turks who were just feeling the blood of 2 million Armenians, inter alia, drying on their hands, they were granted this concession in 1921.

The Turkish military conducted the operation with around 600 soldiers, 100 tanks and APCs.  They evidently entered through Kobane (‘Ayn Al-‘Arab) and reached the exclave a few hours later.  One Turkish soldier was reportedly killed under very suspicious circumstances.  The Turk government claims it was an “accident”.  One thing we do know for sure is that ISIS, so close to the tomb, did not fire one shot at the Turkish army contingent and let the aggressors go about their business unmolested.

If any of you want to know how to prove Erdoghan’s complicity in the ISIS affair, look no further than this.


Syrian Perspective does not believe the Turks were acting to preserve the tomb’s remains.  Instead, we believe the Turks had 2 aims in mind: the first was to establish a presence in Syria without Damascus’ consent.  The second is Ankara’s fear that the Syrian Army was in a position to overrun the location of the tomb which would place its protection under the control of the government forces – a humiliating bog-wash for Erdoghan.


Note: I apologize to my readers for the 2 day hiatus.  I had to leave on a short trip.

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