IDLIB: The Turks have not stopped permitting terrorists to enter Syrian land.  While they claim to have arrested or deported 12,000 Jihadists, the figure is an outright lie based on information that has arrived on our desk here from Syria.  Erdoghan is obsessed with Dr. Assad’s durability.  Given his Ottoman mentality, no different, really, than the British frame of mind, he persists in viewing the world through the eyes of an emperor or sultan.  But, there is a bright side. The SAA has been able to blunt much of the Turk effort to push rats into Syria as the army continues to approach the borders of the country which is now most responsible for the mayhem in the Middle East.


Jabal Al-Arba’een area:  At Ma’artab’iy Village on the eastern slope, the SAA crushed a Nusra attack killing an estimated 10 rodents.  No names as the area is too unstable for a precise assessment.


Kafr Najd: This area is infested by Suqoor Al-Shaam (Falcons of Syria, yawn) and Nusra.  A firefight resulted in many terrorists killed and wounded.  But, the most important factor here was the willingness of the terrorists to leave behind much of their weaponry in order to escape.  This is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon.


Biroomaa Village Farms:  The SAA killed this rodent:

Mustafaa Samee’ (Nusra rat leader)



army 3


Jabal Al-Akraad:  Right on the Turk border, the SAA is sealing off both traditional and unorthodox pathways into the country.  Yesterday, the army killed 2 smugglers who were notorious for facilitating the injection of Jihadist rats into Syria.  Their names have not been released.


The Idlib Front is taking on a massive dimension as far as the size of the operations conducted by the SAA.  As I wrote some months ago, the Popular Defense Committees (f/k/a NDF) have multiplied considerably.  One report I’ve read claimed that 50,000 more fighters had been added. This might account for the stunning appearance of so many units in Idlib at the Turk border.


Saraaqib:  2 rat nests were attacked simultaneously on February 6, 2015 at dawn.  17 rodents were killed and many were wounded.  Here are the only ones identified from the Nusra group:

‘Aqeel Muhammad Nooreddeen

Hassan Suhayl Al-Madani

‘Issam ‘Ali Baayirli

Muhammad Fu`aad Al-‘Ajwa

‘Azzaam Saadiq Shoofaani

No other names arrived.  The rest are believed to be non-Syrian.


Khaan Shaykhoon:  Contested town on the verge of falling to SAA.  On the 6th of February, the SAA killed an estimated 9 Nusra rats and wounded scores.  It is believed that all medicines in areas controlled by the terrorists have been spent.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  The rats have given up trying to overrun this base.  They remain, however, in pockets around it and have planted mines.  The SAA has to be careful moving around the perimeter.


Fighting heavy in all these areas:  Qumaynaas, Sikeek Village east of Khaan Shaykhoon, Al-Tamaani’ah, Al-Baarra, Madaayaa, Sarja, Tal Tooqaan, Jarjanaaz, Kafr Laataa, Al-Shaykh Yusuf, Al-Nayrab Village, Tal Salmu, Al-Majaass, Umm Jareen, Al-Shughur, Qastoon, Zayzoon

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