Kafr Naasij:  The Syrian Army has confirmed the death of a major Jordanian terrorist field commander.  He was known as “Abu ‘Umar Mukhtaar” (a reference to the laurelled hero of Libya’s insurrection against Italy’s occupation). His id is pending.  A movie was made about the life of the principled hero of Libya’s revolt. It was produced by Mustafa Al-‘Aqqad, a Syrian educated at UCLA’s film school and who claimed to have been an associate of Sam Peckinpah.  The movie starred Anthony Quinn (of course) in the title role with Oliver Reed playing his nemesis.


Al-Zirqaan Hatcheries in Tal-‘Antar:  The SAA killed 7 Nusra rodents and arrested 3. I have no names.


Al-Karak Quarter:  At the Katakeet Building at the Umm Al-Daraj Well, the SAA killed another major Nusra field commander on February 24, 2015:

Abu Muhammad Al-Sharhooli (Id pending)


‘Itmaan:  At the north entrance to the city of Der’ah, the SAA killed these cockroaches:

As’ad Qarqoor

Muhammad Abu-Fahd

Jihaad Sa’ab

Another 5 were not identified.


West Al-Ghaariyya:  A bus loaded with rodents was completely destroyed along with an accompanying pickup with a 23mm cannon aboard.  Total dead, everybody at 18.  A real mess for the vermin.


Zimreen:  A convoy of vans and pickups coming out of Jordan was turned into molten metal by a combination of aircraft and artillery.  The SAA is becoming incredibly adept at using its ground artillery.  Lots of practice.


More fighting reported here: ‘Aqrabaa, Umm Al-Awsaj area, Tal Qareen, Simleen


The rat groups, especially Nusra, are losing their best commanders in firefights and to SAAF strafing.  It is hard to imagine how the organization can continue without foreign recruits to take the place of dead Syrian rat leaders.  Some of them, like Jamal Ma’roof, are in Turkey applying for asylum in Australia or Paraguay.  Others are missing in action – probably rotting in the fields. 



Sharmine Narwani sent me this by email. It will gladden your hearts to know Hizbollah is able to knock down airplanes:

John Esq. sends us this uplifting video of the SAA blowing a bulldozer into smithereens with a Kornet:

Almasdar News published this article about the traitor Al-Harmoosh and the principled Turkish agent who could not abide helping mass murderers.  I was told that Al-Harmoosh was executed by firing squad in Qatana: Thanks, Cataro

More scenes of rat destruction courtesy of John Esq.

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