The General Staff of the Syrian Armed Forces have formally announced ground-breaking victories in Damascus, Qunaytra and Der’ah.  These victories are not mere acquisition of acreage, but, instead, represent a qualitative, game-changing rout of the Alqaeda rodents infesting these areas.  The supply routes to which the vermin had become accustomed no longer exist.  The Pygmy British King of Jordan cannot merely allow a convoy to drive into either Der’ah or Qunaytra any more to prop up the Zionist-stooge army of Alqaeda.

SyrPer can confirm, based on the announcement by the General Staff spokesman, that the following towns and villages have been completely deloused:

Dayr Maakir in the area of Qatana:  Qatana is Syria’s largest and most dense armor base.  The liberation occurred on Wednesday in the early hours, Damascus time.  The Nusra/Alqaeda rats could be seen fleeing the area in an anarchic fashion as T-72 front line battle tanks hurried to cut them off and exterminate them.


Tallat Sarja:  This is a hilltop giving a commanding view of the area below and represents a key victory for logistical processes within the Syrian Army’s ambit.  It is reported that hundreds of rodents escaped sure death here.  However, luckily, many were killed by the Syrian Army as it overwhelmed them with dense bursts of artillery and airborne attacks.


Tallat Al-‘Aroos:  Another hilltop village with a view over the field of battle giving the army greater reach and vision.


Khirbat Sultaana Village:  The SAA is advancing swiftly in this area. We expect an announcement any time soon.


Tallat Faatima Village:  Also advancing here, the SAA is expected to annihilate the remaining vultures inside.


Al-Danaaji in the Golan:  This represents a major leap forward toward the armistice lines separating the Zionist Settler State from Syria.


Tal Museeh:  In Der’ah.  Another major resupply artery closed down.


Tal Mir’iy:  More supply routes neutralized.


This area just liberated is at the triangle which the Mileikowsky’s Zionist Ghetto State and Zionist Jordan were trying to establish as a base for future operations against Damascus.  This will not happen in their lifetimes.  The SAA has closed down the operation.

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