ALEPPO: The front here is the most dense and complicated.  Much more complicated than anything in the Damascus area where the Syrian Army is methodically extirpating the remaining rodents mostly belonging to ‘Alloosh’s Army of Islam (yawn).  In the south, it’s pretty cut-and-dry with our army suffocating whole units of murdering terrorist rats coming out of Jordan with little, if anything, to give them adequate cover.  With drones, satellite information, aircraft surveillance, local snitching and the Big Surprise, the Syrian Army is holding its own very well in the South.  The much-ballyhooed Southern Front is an affront only and with so little time left despite the open-ended support from Americans, Zionists and Jordanian monkeys plotting their moves like so many crows in a murder and the bottomless financial support from the cockroaches of Arabia.

The front in Dayr El-Zor is very much under control with ISIS having pulled out hundreds of its hardened criminals in order to raise the defenses of Al-Raqqa.  They have given up on the airbase and are struggling to keep the army pinned down in an effort to block the confluence of two major armies at the gates of Al-Raqqa.  They will fail.

But, in Aleppo, the front is crucial.  While the Jordanians have no ability to mount an offensive against the SAA in the south, the Turks are a different matter.   Jordan has to confront widespread antipathy to its involvement in the affairs of neighboring Syria.  Jordan’s population is mostly Palestinian who have shown little sympathy for the Pygmy King’s alliance with the murdering Obama and his minions.  Palestinians are aware who is backing them with real armor and zeal, and who is trying to dig them an early grave.  Jordan will explode the moment any of its tanks join the fray on the side of the cannibals.

As I write this essay to you, the front in Aleppo involves the following areas: Al-Zurba, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Al-Ataarib, Kafr Hamraa, Bayaanoon, ’Azzaan, Tal Museebeen, Seefaat, Ma’arrat Al-Khaan, Tal Jabeen, Tal Rif’aat, Maayer, Hayyaan, Al-Jandool, Maari’, Rutyaan, Al-Mallaah Farms, East Bashkuyw, ‘Anadaan, Huraytaan, Handaraat Camp, Al-Baab, and in the City’s area: Ba’eedeen, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Salaahuddeen, Karm Hawmad, Bany Zayd, Hanaanu, Al-Jandool, Castillo, Al-Raashideen.  This is a huge theater of battle.




The terrorist groups most supported by the British and the Turks are these:  Jabhat Al-Nusra, a declared arm of Al-Qaeda, Al-Jabhat Al-Shaamiyya, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jabhat Ansaar Al-Deen.   While Nusra is an officially recognized branch of Al-Qaeda, having been declared a “terrorist organization” by the U.S. and the U.N., it receives logistical and medical support from Erdoghan’s corrupt government.  The British MI6 uses “independent contractors” paid surreptitiously by Cameron’s regime to conduct operations and to coordinate military moves out of Adana, Gaziantep and Incirlik with the terrorist organizations mentioned in this paragraph.  The Saudis and Qataris, no strangers to imbecility, provide the financial cover and the seemingly limitless flow of weapons from every source including state sources like the U.S.A., Croatia, and the Zionist Settler State.

The core of the SAA operation in Aleppo, Operation Canopus Star (‘Amaliyyat Al-Suhayl), aims to plug all entryways into the province by surrounding the terrorists where they might be found such as in areas like Al-Raashideen.  Also, the SAA is proactive in placing most entryways and crossings from Turkey under either air or artillery control, at a minimum, or under direct Syrian Army control, as the optimum.  We are watching the collapse of the terrorist defenses at Al-Baab as I write. We are also watching the terrorists starve.

The Turkish invasion of Syria on Sunday when Erdoghan sent a regiment of tanks, APCs and troops to purportedly “rescue” the putative remains of Sulaymaan Shah, the grandfather of the first Ottoman Sultan, from an exclave legitimized by an agreement between the French authorities during the Syrian Mandate and the Turk government in 1921 is a milestone in the conflict.  (See my article on Sunday, February 22, 2015)  But, the tomb of the Turkish Ottoman patriarch was never molested by either the Kurds or ISIS despite the latter’s notorious habit of desecrating every holy site, be it Islamic, Christian or Jewish, on Syrian or Iraqi soil.  That there were 40 Turkish troops tasked to protect the tomb at all times should have been irresistible enticement for the ISIS cannibals who could have taken the soldiers captive like the diplomatic crew in Irbil, and negotiated for some emolument or benefit.  But, ISIS never did attack although it is a mere 3 kms from the site. The collusion between ISIS and the troika made up of America, Turkey and the Zionist Abomination is being slowly uncovered.

Turkey’s invasion was to test the waters.  Erdoghan wants a no-fly zone and a wide buffer zone for “humanitarian” reasons – if you can believe that.  By sauntering into Syria and challenging the authority of the government in Damascus, he has established a precedent for entering the country.  So far, Iran has not called up its reserves over this, although Teheran did condemn the invasion – and Russia only criticized the move.  Damascus derided the incursion with the usual bombast and promises of retaliation.

The U.S. is behind all this.  If any of you remember, your editor coined the expression the “Obama Doctrine” in an essay I wrote a year ago when I analyzed how Obama goes about the business of intervening in international crises of interest to the U.S.  The main thesis was that Obama is loath to get directly involved, but, will give support to proxies.  His own record of opposing the Second Gulf War, his pretended interest in domestic issues and his desire to leave office without the stain of humiliation in battle, further reinforced the image of a pacifistic president who garnered the Nobel Peace Prize without having done anything.  But, oh how he cherishes violence.  The U.S. role in the Libya fiasco is one such example.

In Syria, with immense pressure being put upon him by a constellation of influential actors like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the entire International Zionist Bloc, he has decided to use the Obama Doctrine with Turkey and Jordan as proxies.  He has agreed to build an army from “vetted, moderate” Syrian opposition elements to allegedly fight ISIS, but, as everyone knows, that army is not designed to fight ISIS for the reason that the United States is not ready yet to throw ISIS under the bus.  ISIS is crucial for the neo-con strategy in Iraq.  To further prove my point, note that Qatar withdrew its ambassador from Cairo after President Al-Sisi ordered his aircraft to bombard ISIS positions in Libya after the horrifying sight of 20 Copts being beheaded by the savages of that U.S.-created group.

The number of Syrian opposition candidates to create the new army is not 5,000, as the WH argues.  The actual number which the West is aiming for is more like 100,000.  How else could they defeat a Syrian Army whose ranks now bulge at over one half million troops if you count all the militias.  With Turkey backing up the new army of Syrian degenerates, the overthrow of Dr. Assad becomes a possibility.  And when you add the Alqaeda terrorists now being trained, treated, armed and protected by the Zionist Settler State, you have a scenario more in line with the kind of madness typical of the failed and incompetent Neo-Conservative Jews who enjoy virtual carte blanche in a government run by a just-as- virtual Uncle Tom president.

The U.S. simply will not put boots on the ground.  However, Erdoghan will if the U.S. backs him and provides a credible “rebel force” capable of carrying out missions laid out for it by the American-British-Zionist handlers who are the “brains” of this operation.  The U.S. will provide protection for Erdoghan at the U.N.S.C., for example.  The Saudis are already on board and have promised to compensate Turkey for any losses from the repercussions emanating from Moscow and Teheran.  So will the Qataris.  This game is not about billions of dollars in lost revenue to all concerned – it’s about trillions of dollars!  It’s worth the investment.



More than Iran, Russia presents with the greatest threat to any such operation.  A permanent member of the U.N.S.C. with veto power backed by economically dynamic China with its own arsenal of nukes, Russia comes to any table with a credible one-two punch Obama is not willing to test.  The only way to keep the Russian Bear at bay is to divert it both strategically and economically.  You do this in 2 ways: bury Russia in Ukrainian concerns at its own borders and drown it in a radically discounted barrel of oil.  It’s NATO and Saudi Arabia vs. Russia.  Using boxing terminologies and metaphors is an adequate way of portraying what is taking place.

The Russians, as the Neo-Cons think, cannot handle a flurry of punches at one time.  The Ukraine is the right hook to the jaw Moscow was not expecting.  The oil price reduction, engineered by KSA and the USA, is the punch to the kidneys or the solar plexus.  How can the Russians be game for a new conflict if its vassal state of Syria is attacked from the north by Turkey with a new Free Syrian Army devoid of the miserable malcontents who previously populated the opposition?  The belief in Neo-Con circles is that it’s worth a try.



What if Iran adheres to the Syrian-Iranian Mutual Defense Pact?  What we speculate about the secret contents is that Iran will only intervene if Syria is attacked by the Zionist Entity.  There may be no provision for intervention if Syria is attacked by a Muslim country.  This is speculation based on reading the way Iran is reacting to Turkey’s disporting with international law by openly permitting its territory to be used for training and arming terrorists and injecting them into Syria.  The same is true of Jordan.  It’s only a thought.  This is also tied to the recent incursion by Turkish troops.

In any case, Hizbollah’s existence goes beyond any formal treaty constraints.  That Lebanese militia is key to Iran’s dream of being a regional superpower and its commitment to the Islamic obligation to liberate its third most holy city, Jerusalem.  Iran stands today as a wall, which if buttressed by Russia, seems almost impregnable – a wall so imposing that its shadow swallows the pedestrian pretentions of pre-Iron Age Arabia and its simian leadership.



Syria is moving quickly to devastate the terrorists in the north in order to take back control of the crossings which have been used all too efficiently to carry arms into the country.  Erdoghan is aware of this plan and is rushing to thwart it.

But, here’s what Erdoghan doesn’t appear to know: Syria manufactures its own missiles and has provided close to 100,000 to Hizbollah.  Imagine how many missiles Syria can deploy if Hizbollah, a militia in Lebanon and the Golan Heights, has only that many.  Remember too that Syria had the technology to arm its SCUD missiles with CW. Also, remember how easily Damascus gave up its chemical weapons, the poor man’s nuclear bomb.  Supposedly, the relinquishing of its CW arsenal kept the American wolf at bay.  But, nobody ever talked about BW. Did they?  The lion isn’t worried.  Ziad








































الجيش يدمر مربض هاون وآليات للإرهابيين بريف القنيطرة









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