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I woke up this morning and arrived at my office only to turn on my desktop to see that the heavily compromised Human Rights Watch, an organ of the George Soros empire and the Arabian apes, had condemned our air force’s use of barrel bombs.  I had a huge belly laugh which I want to share with you today.  You see, HRW is a part of the Western propaganda machine which regularly spews out the kind of nonsense designed to stir up negative feelings with headlines usually grabbed by “yellow”, inarticulate,  nausea-inducing “news” sites like Al-Bawaba, Daily Star and Zionist media.  Because these media sites are relatively unknown and unread (unless you are an aficionado of bad grammar, awful syntax and corrupted thought processes), they are the ones to pick up on these themes.  HRW will say anything to discredit our president, Dr. Assad, and to empower the Turk-led failure called the Syrian National Coalition – a group now condemned to oblivion by even former ambassador and present spook and war criminal, Robert Ford.  (By the way, I have come to suspect Alalam as another case in point, but, for other reasons.)

The whole plan, you see, is to try to get the Syrian military to stop killing terrorists supported by Human Rights Watch and its principals.  Of course, that’s not going to happen any time soon.  Moreover, it is my fervent hope that more of these barrel bombs are dropped over the heads of the Alqaeda and ISIS rats sent to Syria by HRW’s favorite champions: the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia.  The United States, you ask?  HRW is based in New York City and, like SOHR, is an arm of not only the Soros Open Society Foundation and the Arabian monkeys, but, also of the CIA.  Whenever HRW says anything about Syria, prepare for something – the Brits or the Americans are cooking up something – and it’s always noisome and malicious, hence the Persian expression: بوي بريطانيائي  or “it smells of British”.  HRW is our parakeet in the mines.  It warns you when the imbeciles at Langley or Vauxhall Cross are about to fly a kite to see how far it will go.

Think also of Stefant DeMistura’s plot to engineer a “freeze” in the fighting in Aleppo to give the terrorist rodents a chance to regroup, resupply and recharge themselves.  It may even be his plan to offer them safe passage toward their beloved Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, who, with a new American commitment to build up a “moderate” Syrian military force in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar (oh, will the Saints protect us?), is now on the team dedicated to increasing the internal destruction of Syria.  The U.N. is in on the plan and Dr. Assad knows it.

Our barrel bombs are a thing of beauty.  Incredibly accurate despite what the liars at HRW and AI say.  The fins you see on the body of the cylinders are intended to give the projectiles stability to insure precise placement.  Our bombs are filled with all the ingredients necessary to send the enemy straight to the bowels of Hades without the need for medical intervention.  The ball bearings, nails, dross, bullet jackets, among other tiny objects, are meant to penetrate the skulls of vermin no matter how thick their crania may be.  Designed like a sleek, but somewhat crude, rocket, they are dropped very accurately over the exact place where our intelligence sources tell us the vultures are hiding.  They are dropped mostly by Hind helicopters which hover at sufficiently high altitudes to completely conceal their presence – to muffle the sound of the rotors mercifully holding up our heroic soldiers as they perform their solemn duties in killing pests.

The sound of a barrel bomb swishing through the air only to ignite when it touches the earth must be tantamount to a symphony by Shostakovich, rich in texture but with an explosive coda or finish. I can hear the tympani drums rolling amidst a soaring chorus of horns, brass and strings.  It is, indeed, a thing of beauty.

   Shostakovich seen here contemplating his unfinished symphony: “Barrel Bomb Symphony Number 7 in D Minor”.

Some might argue that HRW is merely trying to rebut Dr. Assad’s recent assertion that the Syrian military does not use barrel bombs, and, in so doing, cast doubt upon his credibility.  But, if that were so, it doesn’t absolve HRW of the accusation that it works for dark and insidious forces.  However, let us tell the world, the SAA does not use “barrel bombs”.  They are not called barrel bombs in Syria!  They are referred to in Arabic as “vertical bombs” which is why Dr. Assad told Jeremy Bowen of the BBC, during a typically inane interview, that he did not believe the military used “barrel bombs”.  So much for HRW and the BBC, for that matter.

So, in closing, let me once again reiterate my affection for the “vertical bomb”.  Each time it is dropped over the heads of vermin, let a clergyman, of whatever faith,  bless it and infuse it with accuracy, sanctity and lethality.  May the terrorists rest in the Inferno.

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