Syria: Army Liberates Several Areas in Eastern Ghouta, Douma

DER’AH: The planning and execution were flawless demonstrating the superb training and experience of the Syrian Armed Forces after 4 years of a grueling insurgency fed by British, American, French and Arabian terrorist enablers.  The intelligence was precise.  The Zionists were shifting from a policy of merely facilitating terrorism by Alqaeda to outright involvement in combat.  Terrorist communications were clear.  They intended to descend to the Damascus Plain in a stupid scheme being pushed by the Saudi Arabian apes to challenge the government’s control over the capital and to link Der’ah Province to the Golan fighting.  That all ended yesterday with the decisive annihilation of every rat in the town of Dayr Al-‘Adas.


Tal Al-Museeh:  Another village liberated by the SAA in one fell swoop.


Naamer – Qarfaa Road:  The SAA savaged a Nusra/Alqaeda pack of hyenas killing 4 and wounding many.  I have no more details.


Al-Lijaat:  This very treacherous area, rocky and forbidding, has been a favorite nesting site for the Nusra vultures.  It is vast enough to stretch into Suwaydaa Province and could be viewed by Americans as a Badlands. Yesterday, the SAA pursued a murder of crows deep into the area and killed these:

Khaleel Ibraaheem Al-Ahmad

Anwar Bakri

Muhammad Zuhayr Zakariyyaa

Anas Yusuf Abu-Zayd

Maalik Al-Kaayid

Faadi Hajjaaj

Ghassaan Muflih 

Another 3 could not be identified.



Khirbat Ghazaala:  Intense fighting as the SAA and PDC continue hammering at the rat fortifications.


Al-Danaaji Village:  Completely liberated by the SAA.


Tal ‘Antar:  The SAA killed every rat inside this village yesterday:

Saadiq Fallooh

Salaah Al-Jundi

Qays Al-Majdalaani

‘Ali Barhoom

No other names out of the 22 killed were sent to me.


SAA advancing rapidly through Tallat Faatima, Khirbat Sultaana Village (SAA has entered), Kafr Naasij, Kafr Shams, Tal Qareen.

More fighting here:  Daa’il, ‘Itmaan, Al-Faqee’, ‘Arz Village, ‘Aqraba Town.




ادلب.. تزايد التظاهرات ضد

All over the eastern rural area of Idlib, men, women and children came out to give Nusra and the American terrorists the boot.  Demands were made for entry of the Syrian army into many villages.


Al-Sirmaaniyya:  The SAA foiled an attack on a military checkpoint.

Abu Qutayba (Id pending. Rat leader)

Yahyaa Al-Saalim (A so-called “explosives expert”)

Rafeeq Muhammad


Qastal Al-Burj:  On the Al-Ghaab Valley Road and Idlib City, another miserable attack on a checkpoint resulted in 4 dead rodents, one of whom was a Chechen:

Shafeeq Al-Haaj

Mahmoud Hassoon

The other 2 were not named.



Sirmeen:  Many Nusra vermin died here last night. I am still waiting for details.


Nesh Village:  Some fighting with residents demonstrating against Nusra.


Fighting also reported here:  Al-Shaykh Sindiyaan, Umm Al-Ghaar.



Here is a history of the Zionist-inspired American disaster in Libya, Syria and Iraq. John Esq sent it with the warning that it’s long but comprehensive. Great material, if you like Tolstoy:

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