مقتل عدد من إرهابيي النصرة بكمين نوعي للجيش بريف درعا


DAMASCUS:  With the world lining up to restore relations with the Syrian government (Tunisia has announced that as a first priority of its new cabinet) and blood money being collected by now-penitent European terrorism supporters, it would seem as though the Syrian Army would want to sit back and gloat with that “I told you so” smile on its collective face.   Not so. The SAA continued its persistent assault on American-supported rat groups all over Damascus and recorded some formidable results.


Doumaa:  The SAA cornered and killed a major field commander serving the cringing rodent, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, of the Jaysh Al-Islam.

“Abu Khaleel Sa’ab” (Id pending)


Doumaa in the center of town:  A warehouse was destroyed and these rats were acknowledged by terrorist supporters on the Internet to have been killed:

Lu`ayy Al-Tookhi

Hishaam Al-Sibaa’iy

‘Abdul-Kareem ‘Umar Al-Khateeb

‘Abdullah Muhammad Hijaazi

Shukri Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Kilisli

Another 6 were not identified.


‘Aaliya Farms:  This area is believed to contain one of ‘Alloosh’s spider holes.  The SAA wiped out 2 nests there last night.  No other details.


Jawbar:  Another ‘Alloosh rat was killed here, this time a so-called “explosives expert” by the name of:

Qutayba Kaamil (a/k/a “Abu ‘Abduh Tafjeer” or “Abu ‘Abduh BOOM”)


Jawbar:  East of Maysaloon Roundabout and north of Teachers’ Tower, the SAA killed 4 rodents and wounded 9.  No names.


Hazza – Hammooriyya Villages in the East Ghoutaa:  A rodent leader and sniper was sniped himself by the SAA.  He belonged to the Islamic Union of Syrian Soldiers (yawn):

“Abu Zayd Qannaas” (Id pending. It means “Abu Zayd Sniper”.  Isn’t that clever?)


South of the Zamalkaa Bridge:  In the direction of ‘Irbeen, 13 rodents were killed:

Daawood Hallaaq

Fahd Mahmoud Al-Baj’ah

Hassaan ‘Imaad Burkhush

Muhammad Faheem Zayzooni

Ahmad Akram Raslaan

‘Abdul-Kareem Hashem Khalboos

‘Adnaan Al-Baqdoonisi

Rajaa ‘Ali Shuwaydir

The other 5 were deemed foreign and their names have not been announced.


Ayn Turma: More effective operations against rat gatherings netted 5 terrorists.


Kafr Batnaa:  Another ambush by SAA.  No details.

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