الجيش يبدأ بالتقدم باتجاه دوما عبر البساتين

DAMASCUS: Many readers have been disturbed by the sudden uptick in shelling from the area of Doumaa where the notorious louse terrorist Zahraan ‘Alloosh is holed up with a mere 10% of his original force called the Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam, yawn).  While all this has been going on, ‘Alloosh, no second-rater when it comes to stabbing his own rats in the back, has been trying to connect to prominent government officials in order to engineer his withdrawal from Doumaa to Jordan, where he intends to make his final trip to Saudi Arabia – his father’s present residence.  When it became clear he had nothing of importance to offer, he was compelled to jack up the ante by firing rockets at the city’s innocent civilians – all this in order to prove that negotiations with him have some value.

As ‘Alloosh stews in his cage, the SAA has made sudden, tangible advances at Tal Kurdi after ‘Alloosh’s group tried to storm an SAA outpost.  Once the assault was repelled, SAA ground commanders ordered troops to counter-punch at the area of Doumaa Orchards.  At dawn, on February 4, 2015, the SAA took whole areas under its control further reducing the space which separates ‘Alloosh from the cubicle that awaits him in Hell.  The SAA advance was distinguished by a two-prong pincer movement in order to encircle the desperate rodents.  One prong started at Tal-Kurdi/Al-Reehaan Farms straight into the orchards.  The second prong was from the Al-Waafideen Camp to Doumaa, itself.  Totally successful.

We can assure our readers that ‘Alloosh is terrified.  If he falls into the wrong hands, e.g. militiamen with a vengeful streak, he knows he’ll be hurtled down into Hell’s belly screaming with his feet kicking at the heavens.


Al-Qalamoon:  Canthama and Erdal send this drone-eye-view of SAA shelling the terrorists with lethal accuracy:





توسيع نطاق الأمان حول طريق دمشق حمص بعملية نوعية للدفاع الوطني في حرستا

Al-Naasseef Farms:  North of Al-Sa’en in the area of Talbeesa, 6 rats killed with a number wounded.  Weapons and ammunition seized for distribution to our militias.


Talbeesa:  The SAA killed 3 rodents belonging to Nusra:

‘Imaad Qaysoon

Saa`il Hakeem

‘Abdul-Wakeel Khuzaami


Jubb Al-Jarraah: At the hatcheries, firefight with no details.


Fighting reported in all these areas:  Al-Jaabiriyya Village, Umm Al-Reesh, Al-Duwayba, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Mas’ada, Umm Sahreej, Abu Harees, Al-Tafha, Al-Mannookh, Abu Tarha, Al-Mushayrifa, West Salaam, Ruhoom Village, ‘Izzeddeen, Al-Sa’en Village



The Thylacine sends this incredible article about a truck owned by a Texan plumber who sees it used by terrorists in Syria:


Nothing new here. Pravda thinks the U.S. government is loaded with psychopaths:


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