AL-RAQQA:  We are completely confident in announcing the inauguration of the campaign to rid the City of Al-Raqqa of its rodent infestation.  Reports are coming in of sightings of large SAA convoys appearing to the south and north of the city with trucks carrying heavy battle tanks lined up for miles.


Hazeema Village: 17kms north of the city of Al-Raqqa, on the Tal Abyadh International Roadway, a whole nest of ISIS rodents was annihilated by artillery.  Reports  are all terrorists were killed.

Al-Asadiyya Bridge just north of Al-Raqqa:  SAAF pounded a convoy of brand new trucks brought in from Turkey.  All vehicles were destroyed or disabled with lifeless carcasses strewing the area.  We reported in an earlier post today about the 5,000 vehicles awaiting delivery to ISIS in Turkey’s Reyhanli with the first tranche of 200 already speeding to the destination which was Al-Raqqa.  This convoy was a part of that tranche.


army 1

Tal Hirmiz:  An Assyrian village with a totally Christian population has been ordered to remove all crosses from churches or face destruction.



Syrian Army Makes Major Advances in Western Aleppo

Al-Wa’ra Village:  The SAA assaulted Nusra positions here and killed 23 rats in a mostly artillery-dominated battle.  This village lies about 18kms north of Homs and was the HQ for the following groups: Nusra, Kataa`ib Al-Ansaar, Liwaa` Humaat Al-‘Aqeeda (yawn), Liwaa` Usood Al-Islam (double-yawn), Liwaa` Al-Eemaan billaah (oh, please!).  It is now under total artillery control by the SAA with much more to come.


Al-Saalim Village:  SAA executes perfect ambush and kills 10 Nusra rodents 10kms east of Homs City.


Hawsh Hajju Village:  Another spectacular operation kills 7 rodents and wounds over 20.


Talbeesa:  The SAA confirmed killing these rodents:

Abu Raajib Al-Tunisi” (Id pending. TUNISIAN ANT ORIFICE)

Muhammad Khaalid ‘Uwayjaan

Adnaan Muhammad Al-`Ays

Abduh Ahmad Al-Saalih


Aydoon Village:  More rats trapped by brilliant SAA tactics.  The groups are called Faylaq Homs, Ahraar Al-Shaam, Nusra and Liwaa` Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed.  They were annihilated to the tune of 18 dead and scores wounded as Hind helicopters joined the battle inflicting massive losses on the packs of filthy vermin.

Mansoor ‘Abdul-Rahmaan

Nooreddeen Buwaydhaani

Maazin Al-Shalabi

No other names were sent. The remaining dead appear to be foreigners.


Al-Ghajar:  Nusra, Faylaq Homs, Kataa`ib Al-Faarooq took another big hit here at the hands of SAA and PDC.  8 confirmed rat carcasses with over 50 escaping in different conditions of health.


Umm Sahreej and Al-Mushayrifa:  Firefight with no details.


Khattaab Village:  Totally liberated by SAA and PDC as of January 29, 2015.


Al-Hilaaliyya Farms:  A warehouse filled with weapons and ammo was defended by 7 rodents 18kms northwest of the city.  All were killed by SAA:

Sa’eed Majzhoob

‘Aadil Kan’aan

Mustafaa Muhammad

Jabboor ‘Abdul-Saatir

The others were not named.


Al-Jadhal Gas Field in the shadow of Al-Shaa’er Mountain:  Syrian security services armed to the teeth assaulted an ISIS  encampment and killed all 29 rodents in a firefight. The rats could be heard screaming for reinforcements over their cellphones. But, none came and as night descended it was all over.  No survivors.  So sad.


Al-Shindaakhiyya:  No details about a major firefight here.


Ruhoom Village:  Scores of ISIS rodents killed with no details, yet.


More fighting reported here: Mas’ada, Maksar Al-Hisaan, West and  East Salaam, Tal Abu-Al-Sanaasil


226 former rodents have surrendered to security services in Homs, Aleppo, Hama.



Eva Bartlett sends us this article about the destruction of Syria’s heritage:

Long live Tsipras and the great people of Greece!

Putin strikes back with a vengeance at Merkel and her feckless, reckless policies:

Americas’s allies show once again how democratic and transparent they are:

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