وبدأ توازن الرعب.. الجيش السوري يقلب قواعد الاشتباك في ريفي درعا والقنيطرة؟

The Turks just don’t get it.  They persist in opening their doors to the most malignant forms of bacteria in the human spectrum while pretending to be vigilant in combating terrorism.  Their efforts in both Latakia and Idlib can be described as riddled with incompetence born of a repugnant gene pool – hence the resignation of Hakan Fidan, the all-thumbs head of MIT who can be heard discussing encouraging terrorism in a tape revealed last year on the Internet and made viral.  So much for Turkish “intelligence”.   Their thugs and vermin in Latakia have been taking big hits since the 6th of February.




Majdal Al-Khuraab:  The Syrian army trapped a platoon of rodents at a curve in the road facing crack SAA snipers and a Shilka which made mincemeat out of the rat convoy.

Maajid Al-Tarraaf

Raami Yaaseen

Marwaan Al-Qitta

Durayd Bahsoon

Husaam Bakdaash

Amjad Ismaa’eel

Another 13 could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners based on the papers in their cargo pockets


Khaan Al-Jawz:  An SAAF helicopter blasted rats traveling in 2 vans and a pickup with 23mm cannon. They were leaving the site of a weapons drop at a warehouse.  All vehicles destroyed and the weapons were put to flame.  I have no names of the 13 rats involved.  They were left to rot.


Saaqiyat Al-Kirt:  Artillery savaged a terrorist HQ here. No more details.


Al-Zuwayk Village:  Another pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed.  PDC assessed the scene:

Makram Baddoor

‘Abdul-Fattaah Al-Daaghir


Dooreen:  All rodents here were foreigners from Turkey, Chechnya and Daghestan.  3 pickups were destroyed along with their Doschkas.


KInsibba:  All foreign rodents, again take the tram to Satan’s Subterranean Spa.  A pickup was destroyed, but, the 23mm cannon was recovered intact to be used in killing Saudis.


Al-Rubay’ah – Al-Reehaaniyya Road:  A Syrian helicopter gunship was called in after it was determined the rat pack convoy had no effective anti-aircraft rockets.  The caravan was coming to a stop at a shed which contained weapons and boxes of ammunition used by Nusra.  It was destroyed completely.  The helicopter was then directed to another warehouse which suffered the same fate.  I have no names of the dead rats, but Wael writes there were 24 with many wounded.


Nab’ Al-Murr Village:  (It means the “bitter water spring”)  From here, the SAA artillery and an SAAF helicopter targeted the enemy at Salmaa where an HQ was eliminated.  It was a massacre the rats did not expect.  8 pickups with Doschkas were ablaze.  Rocket launchers, manufactured locally, were also put to flames.  Big mess for rats.


Al-Furunluq Reserve (Tree Sanctuary):  An attempted infiltration from Turkey flopped, once again, with 21 killed by artillery, mostly.  All the rats were foreigners except for one:

“Marwaan Kurdiyya” (Id pending)


Heavy fighting reported here: Al-Hulwa Village, Al-Khadhraa` near Al-Rubay’ah, Al-Sawdaa` (pickup with 23mm destroyed), Baldar Village, Majbal Bridge, Al-Qasab Hatcheries, Al-Farz, Waadi Al-Shaykhaan, Ghammaam



Kayla Mueller and the convoluted role of the U.S. and KSA in the creation of ISIS:

Dr. Assad’s interview with the very tendentious BBC.  He did fine: (Thanks, Canthama)

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