The cockpit bubble of the F-16 Fighting Falcon purportedly shot down by ISIS near Al-Raqqa on December 24, 2014 is seen here in a propaganda photo released by Al-Raqqa News.  The blurb at the bottom claims “the wreckage of the international coalition which was brought down by the lions of the Islamic State”.

Well, where there’s a cockpit, there usually is the rest of the aircraft in one shape or another.

The pilot himself, First Lieutenant Mu’aadh Al-Kasaasba of the Jordanian Air Force was fished out of the Euphrates or Assad Lake by the nihilist militants of ISIS. (See map below)

Kasaasba being taken out of the water by a pack of ISIS rodents beaming with that look of accomplishment appropriate for dogs awaiting a promised treat for having successfully rolled over on command.  Some journals reported he was naked from the waist down although it appears he still kept his black boxer shorts (very civilized).  His mouth appears bloodied.


This photo above purportedly shows the jet crashing with an object pulling loose from the fuselage (probably our hapless pilot).


Here’s a look at a wing of RJAF F-16BMs lined up on a runway.  These jets were bought from another country. 


This photo from Business Insider purportedly shows an ISIS militant posing next to some burning wreckage of the F-16 which is described conveniently as a “Jordanian” jet. As you all know, it is ultimately an American jet. 


So now it appears ISIS has a treasure trove of American technology which, if treated like all the other priceless artifacts stolen from both Syrian and Iraqi historic sites, will net the openly mercenary organization a pretty penny.  Imagine such a jet in the hands of the brilliant Iranians who know how to reverse engineer anything.  But, nobody is talking about the jet.

The U.S. has rejected reports of the Jordanian fighter jet being shot down by ISIS.  Yet, the U.S. has not offered any alternative explanation for its downing.  It seems like the western press has received an order from the Pentagon not to discuss the mechanics of this event.  Notwithstanding Pentagon double-speak, we know some things for sure:

1. The Jordanian participation in the “coalition” is under the control and guidance of the U.S.  Jordanian pilots would not know to hit Al-Raqqa’s targets unless some entity offered them satellite images of such targets.  The only nation with active satellite Intel is the U.S.  Lt. Kasaasba had to have had a briefing on his target, or, was told by someone with knowledge to patrol a specific area for targets.

2.  Kasaasba was not warned about ISIS having Manpads – shoulder fired, American-manufactured missiles used to down aircraft, because he was flying low enough so that the ISIS operators could acquire their target.  If he knew they had Manpads, he could have kept at an altitude high enough to avoid being acquired as a target.

3.  If ISIS had Manpads, they must have acquired them from the following possible sources:

a. “Vetted moderate terrorist organizations like Harakat Hazm which enjoys American largesse and support.”  Very embarrassing for the U.S. if its favorite terrorist murderers sold or gave these Manpads to the terrorists of ISIS;

b. Any number of GCC countries, like Qatar or Saudi Arabia, who, irrespective of American demands – and irrespective of restrictions in their contracts for the use or transfer of this technology, did it anyways with American knowledge and without American protestation.  Very embarrassing, again, for the U.S.;

c. Turkey, which is absolutely complicit in the creation of ISIS on its own soil, and which is a member state of NATO.  Very embarrassing, again, for the U.S.

d. The Iraqi army?  I don’t know if the Iraqi Army had Manpads in its arsenals in Mosul during the time of the ISIS invasion out of Turkey. It’s possible, but, there is scant evidence of this;

e. The United States!  Why not?  The U.S. has been supplying the terrorists with weapons through many proxies for 4 years.  ISIS, as we wrote some time ago, was a creation of the U.S. and Turkey.  Their Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi was programmed in Tel Aviv by CIA and Mossad psycho-programming spooks for several years before he was allowed to appear on the state in Iraq.  Really embarrassing for the United States.

But, let’s also analyze how the aircraft could have been shot down or downed.  We already discussed the ground-to-air missile which is effective at certain lower altitudes.  But, what if the U.S. commanders are right.  What if it wasn’t shot down by missiles.  And how do they know that?

1. One other possibility is that it was shot down by the Syrian Air Defense Corps.  No one denies Syria’s robust anti-aircraft systems which include the vaunted S-300s that knock down any aircraft in Syrian air space at any elevation. But, that has not been suggested yet by the U.S.  Is it because it would be embarrassing to the U.S. to have an American-manufactured multi-role fighter/bomber/interceptor rendered useless by new Russian technology?  Mmmm.  Very embarrassing.  But, I don’t believe the Syrians would shoot it down even if it were Jordanian for the reason that an attack on ISIS serves Syrian government interests;

2. Another possibility is that the jet malfunctioned causing it to crash with its pilot ejecting from his plane according to his training.  This is possible though unlikely because Jordanian jets are well-maintained and used infrequently.  Some might argue that it’s just the opposite.  A jet malfunction is also embarrassing to the United States which prides itself on selling high-tech weapons to the most oppressive tyrants on the face of the earth;

3. But here’s the kicker.  Maybe the U.S. shot it down. Oh, so embarrassing. Maybe, as the U.S. tries to surreptitiously establish a useless no-fly zone, it detected a foreign jet flying toward Al-Raqqa and shot it down thinking it was Syrian.  Now this is really embarrassing because American pilots ought to be able to identify an F-16 which Syria does not fly.  Or certainly, U.S. pilots would at least try to communicate with a friendly jet and verify its origins. Jordanian pilots all speak English, the first language of their “King” ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner.  Or, somebody up there must have known about the Jordanians flying in Syrian air space as part of the big team and the Big Plan.

So, what happened?  It’s a mystery the Pentagon won’t discuss.  It is all too embarrassing no matter how you look at it.  But, your editor has another theory that will please Penny the Sleuth.  I think it didn’t happen.  It’s just another canard set up by the CIA to shock people into demanding greater American and allied involvement to oust the sitting president of a member state of the United Nations.  I can’t wait until photographs of the beheading (which are just staged anyway) are released to enraged Jordanians.  The actors will, of course, include that demonic Johnny Jihad with his privileged Londoner accent and his shining virgin blade.  Oh, it’s so good, Ridley Scott would be proud of it.

Since the U.S. doesn’t seem to care about the technology on the plane, maybe I’m right.  Why should they care about a technology that never was exposed except in some fantasy laid out for the gullible public.  Maybe it was all filmed at the Shepperton Studios near London.  Maybe all the actors are Albanian immigrants.

Well. What do you think? ZAF

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