DER’AH:مقتل الإرهابي

He came to Der’ah exactly when the uprising was about to begin.  He was a Jordanian national trained by the General Intelligence Agency as a spy and recruiter.  His job was to infiltrate Salafist groups inside the country and report to his superiors.  He was very good at his work.  He was eventually recruited himself by Robert Ford as part of the Arab Spring upheaval in Syria.  His job?  He was to control infiltrate the Der’ah uprising, shoot innocent bystanders in a way calculated to appear as though they were shot by Syrian government agents and he was to help in setting up safe houses and networks for what was to become the Jabhat Al-Nusra when it would be needed to help the local opposition.

His name is (or was) Ahmad Harbi Al-‘Ubaydi and his nom de guerre became eventually “Abu Sayf Al-Urduni” (Father of Sayf, i.e., the sword, of Jordan).

He was inserted deeply into Salafist and Takfiri groups in Jordan.  He had even managed to achieve a certain amount of notoriety and respect as a rabble-rousing activist.  But, when he was tasked with infiltrating ISIS by a process of defection from Nusra, he was ordered tortured and assassinated by Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani himself with the good counsel of Mossad agents who now surround the Nusra leader 24/7.

The “Commander” or “Ameer” of Nusra in Der’ah is one called Al-Shaykh Abu-Julaybeeb.  According to websites run by the Jordanian Salafists, Abu Julaybeeb ordered Abu-Sayf arrested. Abu-Julaybeeb writes, on his Twitter account, that the reason for the arrest was Abu-Sayf’s refusal to obey orders.  He was told that he could be at his wife’s side in Turkey, where she was being treated for cancer,  but not to travel through Al-Raqqa which is controlled by ISIS.  The Nusra commander makes a case that Abu-Sayf could not only be killed by ISIS, but also, could be tortured for information. Abu-Sayf, you see, was chief of Nusra intelligence as it related to running spies within the FSA.

Before leaving for Turkey, Abu-Sayf contacted allies in Jordan to tell them about his plans.  When he turned up dead of “natural causes” as Abu Julaybeeb asserted, Salafists in Jordan reacted violently and demanded a report on the cause of death.  They saw his carcass.  It was covered with lash marks from some kind of whip (he had been mercilessly flogged) and had electric shock marks on both his feet.  The physician who inspected the carcass confirmed he died of a heart attack but failed to mention that he succumbed only after being pitilessly tortured by America’s favorite terror group.

Well, the Salafists of Jordan are convinced he was murdered and are taking it hard.  They don’t know that both Abu-Sayf and Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani are American and Zionist agents, respectively.  All they know is that their pious hero was snuffed by Al-Jawlaani.

Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani suspected Abu Sayf as being an agent of the United States.  The U.S. wanted Abu Sayf to connect with ISIS in Al-Raqqa in order to provide intelligence, even if it meant his disclosing classified information about the FSA or Nusra.  He was a perfect mole.  Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani was not made privy to any of this and ordered his victim killed before he could even set out for Al-Raqqa.


‘Itmaan:  At the Al-Kawaabil Building, the SAA killed 2 terrorists.  No details.


Nawaa:  Another atrocity by Nusra. This time they destroyed the shrine/mosque named after a beloved 13th Century religious figure by the name of Muhyi-Al-Deen Abu Zakariyya Yahyaa bin Sharaf Al-Hizaami Al-Nawawi (fl.1233 C.E.).  An ascetic by practice, he devoted his life to learning the jurisprudence and theology of Islam.


Old Customs Building:   A large number of Nusra terrorists killed in a firefight here two days ago close to the Jordanian border.


Zimreen Village:  Northwest of the city by 60kms.  Nusra attack repelled. No details.


Kharaab Al-Shahm:  Fighting on Jordanian border. So much for the lie that the terrorists control anything of the Jordanian border.

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