See if you can pick the Arab in the picture.  That’s right. It’s the poor beast ridden by the desert-loving Englishman, ‘Abdullah the Second.  He was named after his arch-traitor grandfather, ‘Abdullah the First, whose treachery led to the partition of Palestine and the disenfranchisement of the indigenous people of the land.   


You must have heard that the dwarf-ape-king of Jordan, ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner zawjat Hussayn bin Zayn, and his Palesteezian wife, Raania,  are going to march with the French “charogne et pere des quatre batards”, Francois Hollande,  in a show of solidarity with the people of France and to join the chorus of denunciations leveled at Islamist terrorism after last Wednesday’s assault on the Zionist rag called Charley Hebdo.  What this reeking British ape is telling the world is that the deaths of tens of thousands of Syrians killed by Western and Arabian supported nihilists (including himself) are insignificant when it comes to the value of the pink or ecru French.  This dawdling pygmy monarch of muttonheads has opened up his borders to Takfiri savages who received training, money and weapons in his country.  He provides the rats with medical treatment at government hospitals.  They drive across the border into Syria with armored cars maintained by his corps of dirty bedouins who think a “shower” is a German abomination.  Yet, here, he is in solidarity with the French.  He has shown his true identity.  He is nothing but a British stooge; son of a British crone and HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR.  You cannot find a more deserving Tom Thumb Tyrant than this blackguard and English whore.

His prize will be honored when his race of Hashemite traitors is driven from the land of Southern Syria.  Until then, he will have to count his days.



الكشف عن هوية منفذي التفجيرين الانتحاريين بجبل محسن في طرابلس

TRIPOLI, LEBANON: Yesterday evening, 2 sick and deranged monsters from families you wouldn’t invite to clean your dog’s poop blew themselves up by detonating 2 belts each loaded with about 4kgs of TNT killing over 9 people and injuring 37, some seriously, at the ‘Umraan Bistro.  After the first explosion, rescuers gathered to help the injured. That’s when the second rodent detonated his belt to insure the maximum number of deaths.

The one in the picture is the disgusting, murdering rat, Taahaa Sameer Al-Khayyaal, from the Tripoli quarter of Al-Rummaana.   The second rodent was Bilaal Muhammad Al-Mar’ayaan of the Baab Tabbaana Quarter – a cesspool of backward and irredeemable scum who devote their lives to hating minorities and complaining about jobs.  The area struck was Jabal Mousaa, a small quarter populated by mostly citizens of the ‘Alawi faith.  These 2 denizens of latrines unworthy of rats, were taught that killing minorities would reserve for them a space in Paradise.  What degenerate would teach anyone folderol like that?

استشهاد 7 أشخاص وإصابة 20 جراء هجومين انتحاريين في طرابلس شمال لبنان




العماد أيوب من القنيطرة: الإرهاب سيندحر على أيدي رجال قواتنا المسلحة

QUNAYTRA: Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, seen in this photo inspecting positions on the Golan Heights, in the area of Qunaytra.  He has predicted the routing of all terrorists at the hands of the Syrian Armed Forces.  He praised the army’s devotion to duty and coupled that with praise for the loyalty and patriotism of the Syrian people.

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