DAMASCUS AREA:  Syria’s Minister of Defense, Lt. General Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, paid another visit to victorious Syrian troops near the Golan Heights yesterday as part of an on-site evaluation of army capabilities.  The visit is on the heels of an attack by the Zionist Ghetto State at the Amal Farms where officers of Hizbollah and a senior Iranian general were inspecting the area.  All were killed resulting in heightened tension between the Confrontation Front allies and their Zionist Apartheid State enemy.  General Al-Furayj praised his troops while flanked by several high ranking officers in the General Staff.





General Al-Furayj seen here with senior officers backed up by Special Forces guards tasked with protecting this delegation. (Photo: SANA)




107 people managed to escape the stench of ‘Alloosh and his gang of rapists and child molesters yesterday and found themselves under the protection of the Syrian Army.  They are now being resettled temporarily in Al-Duwayr close to the major SAAF Airbase. At this rate, there will be no more citizens for ‘Alloosh to hide behind.  Some of them came from Al-Shifooniyya and others from Hawsh Al-Faarra.


Doumaa:  The SAAF highly active over this area. More details tomorrow.


Yarmouk Camp:  68 Palestinian students were able to escape the clutches of Nusra to take their examinations yesterday.  As they were leaving the camp, enraged Nusra rodents fired on the students using mortars and machine guns.


Yarmouk Camp:  Nusra has threatened to exterminate all members of Ansaar Al-Sharee’ah whom the Alqaeda franchise suspects of having sworn loyalty to ISIS.  It’s so exciting.


Al-Mahaadhiyya Orchards:  Near the town of Sa’sa’ and Hasnu Village on the nape of the Golan Heights.  The Syrian Army has completely freed this area of Nusra lice.  The operation started in the early hours of Wednesday with the SAA opening up a firestorm of artillery followed by armored columns which included 2 Shilkas.  The Nusra rats were forced to withdraw leaving behind 15 carcasses.  SAA spotters estimated over 75 wounded rodents who were seen hurrying to sites behind Zionist lines for medical treatment.  The identified Syrian dead are:

Mustafaa Ibraaheem Al-Sinaawi


Shaadi ‘Ali Mustafaa

Ghaazi Muhammad Farzaat

‘Ammaar Muhammad Ismaa’eel

‘Abdul-Lateef ‘Ali Al-Khaalid

The rest were all foreigners.  Many from Jordan.


Ayn Al-Bustaan:  Under complete SAA control now. Also near Sa’sa’ in southwestern Damascus Province abutting the Golan.  This area was a headquarters and C&C post for Nusra. No more.  14 rats killed and 60 wounded.


Daarayyaa:  SAAF flew 5 sorties over this suburb reportedly targeting nests of snipers.


Al-Zabadaani:  SAA artillery shellacked Nusra with direct hits killing an estimated 10 rats.

Erdal sends this video from ANNA showing the bombardment of Jawbar, inter alia.  How much longer can the rats survive. It’s about to fall.  I told you that before:




Mas-hara:  The SAAF caught terrorists looking the other way and gave them a salvo of rockets that turned the night sky into a spectral kaleidoscope of fire.  47 rodents killed and confirmed as the survivors had no choice but to leave their carcasses behind.  They were counted early this morning during a battle assessment.


Fighting reported in Umm Baatina, Al-Hameediyya, Nab’ Al-Sakhr.


Ufaaniya Village:  A unique and precise operation targeting Nusra leaders netted 2.  No names.


Umm Al-‘Izhaam Village:  Another slick operation with no details today.


SUWAYDA: Another massive ambush laid for the Nusra rats coming out of Jordan, a la Al-‘Utayba.

مقتل 30 إرهابياً من


Buraaq-Greater Al-Soora Road:  Near the Suwaydaa-Damascus Highway.  50 rats in a convoy were heading west during the night thinking they were invisible.  The SAA had prior knowledge of this incursion and prepared the scene the same way it did in Al-‘Utayba.  Remote-detonated mines were planted all along the road.  When the convoy of 11 trucks and 8 pickups with 23mm cannons reached the fail-safe point, the officer in command ordered detonation. The initial explosion killed 12 of the terrorists.  When the rats tried to pick up the rat carcasses, the SAA opened a torrent of fire and killed 34.  The rest fled into the countryside and are being hunted now as we write. Good show.

You can see the ambush in the comment section sent to us by Canthama and another alert reader.



MOST LAUGHABLE ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Try to keep your breakfast down while reading this incredible indictment of the U.N. Secretary General:



Gee, the generals finally figured out Hillary and Barack supported Al-Qaeda?  (Thanks, John Esq.)

Let’s compare the penal codes of Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and Wahhabist ISIS: (Thanks, Anonymous)

Enjoy Russians dissing Hillary and her gifts from apes:

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