Saladdin’s Citadel near Al-Hiffa equidistant between Latakia City and Slinfeh, my wife’s hometown. It’s spectacular and the accommodations are getting better what with a bistro overlooking a crevasse and icy spring water which is probably why this locale was selected.


Abu Kristeena Farms:  Confirmed 33 Nusra terrorist hyenas put to death close to the Turk border. Of the group, 17 were positively identified as foreigners.  The rest are still being investigated.  These are the identifiable carcasses:

Basheer Ahmad Siraajeddeen

Qays Mousaa Al-Haaj


City:  2 rockets fell on ‘Ali Jammaal Quarter and the area of Qaneenas Residential Project.  No injuries.


City:  1 rocket fell on the outer margin of the city at Jubb Hassan residential area.


Mashqeetaa:  13 rockets fell on empty agricultural land hurting nobody.


‘Ayn Al-Laban:  A hamlet you can’t find on the map. Yesterday, the SAA killed 3 Nusra vermin and wounded 4 here.


Fighting repored here:  Al-Qalloof, Suqoobeen, ‘Ayn Al-Baydhaa, Al-Zaqzaqaaniyya


Note to Readers:  It appears Erdoghan’s genocidal campaign to eradicate all minorities in Syria has taken a more sinister path.  The Turks have been providing Saudi financed rockets with greater range to reach cities like Latakia.  Luckily, according to Wael, the number of such missiles is limited and their accuracy is obviously not a selling point.  They are so frustrated at their failures, they are now just lobbing rockets at anything they can reach without regard to what they hit.



Al-Jadhal Gas Field near Al-Shaa’er Mountain:  The SAA continues to mop us packs of ISIS cannibals here. Yesterday, 7 carcasses were identified as being from Central Asia.


Talbeesa:  SAAF was busy overhead while coordinated movement of ground troops did the clean up:

‘Abdul-Razzaaq Mansoor (Nusra leader of a franchise called Liwaa` Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed, yawn.)

Mufeed Shalaayaa

Ibraaheem Sulaymaan

Another 4 could not be identified.


Note to readers:  The name Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed refers to the only Arab general to be given the title “The Sword of God”.  His full name is Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed Ibn Al-Mugheera Al-Makhzoomi.  His was born in Mecca and used to oppose the Messenger Muhammad.  He later converted to Islam and fought the history-shaking battle at the Yarmouk River where he decisively beat Heracles’ Byzantine army and recorded a victory so great, H.G. Wells called him the greatest military genius in human history.  He died in Homs and a mosque was built around his tomb.  It is called the Al-Khaalid Mosque.  The Khaalidi family of Jerusalem claim descent from the general although judging by their mild-mannered and foppish demeanor, you would think they were descended from Casper Milquetoast.  Same for the Ayyoobis of Damascus.


Khirbat Haatoom:  Southwest of Hasyaa` near the Qalamoon on the frontier with Lebanon.  More rats killed trying to invade Syria. No more details.


Umm Sahreej:  2 separate packs of hyenas were eliminated.


Al-Rastan:  These 2 groups have lost so many rats to defections and the Amnesty Program that they are now an endangered species.  They are the Faylaq Homs and Kataa`ib Al-Faarooq.  Yesterday they were hit by PDC forces and rendered even less viable. No details.


Al-Maryamayn –Al-Shanniyya:  All occupants of a rats nest were killed by SAA and PDC.  These rodents had been tormenting the citizens of these villages for months.  No longer.


SAA cleaning up in these areas:  Rajm Al-Qassr, South Al-Mushayrifa, South Mas’ada, Ghajar Ameer, Keeseen – Ghajar Ameer Road, Jabboreen, Umm Sharshooh, Kafr Laahaa, Al-Tayyiba, Maksar Al-Hissaan



Canthama sends this insightful, reasoned and perfectly balanced article about Merkel and her machinations.  A must-read:

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