DAMASCUS:  Zahraan ‘Alloosh now knows what it’s like to be a mouse in a cellar with a fat cat sniffing him out.  The Syrian Army is reportedly meters away from his favorite spider hole.  He keeps moving from one to another in an effort to avoid the inevitable death which awaits him as surely as the fires which are being stoked in Hell to celebrate his long overdue arrival.  Don’t be surprised if, over the next few days, you don’t hear that he’s been killed.  That is, of course, unless he turns his coat and starts to overtly help the SAA.  All his requests for conciliation have been refused by the MoD.  His options are few.


Al-Reehaan Farms in the Doumaa area:  Another Jaysh Al-Islam nest was uncovered and vaporized by the SAA the day before yesterday.

Jamaal Fawwaaz

Ra`faat ‘Ubayd

Nabeel Badra

‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Faqiyy (SAUDI SERPENT SPUTUM)

Muhyi-Al-Deen Buwaydhaani

Muhammad Al-Qudsi

‘Imaad Al-Soofi

Fu`aad Mayaasa

‘Umar Saaliheen

Another 4 could not be identified and are believed to be Libyans or Tunisians.


Al-‘Ibb Farms:  Also in the Doumaa area.  Weapons and ammunition were seized from a pack of ‘Alloosh vermin:

Jalaal-Al-Deen Al-Ahdab

Muhsin Gharraar

Qaassim Fatwaani

‘Alaa` Zaydoon

Faadi Muhammad

Another 7 were not identified.  It seems like somebody in ‘Aloosh’s organization is giving the SAA Intel.  Maybe, it’s ‘Aloosh himself.


Zamalkaa at the Roundabout and the Hafeezha Mosque:


Nidhaal Dabboor (He got stung by a wasp)

Fu`aad Al-Hujja

Saleem Qaabooni


Harastaa:  Multiple nests destroyed at the Al-Zahraa` Mosque in the area of the horseshoe in the road. Also, a warehouse filled with weapons and ammunition was secured and all contents seized by the SAA for distribution to our new militias.  A tunnel dug in the direction of the Al-‘Ajami Neighborhood was also destroyed:

‘Abdul-Wahhaab Naafi’ah

Radhwaan Bushnaaq

Yazeed Shawbaan

8 others were not listed.

Bayt Sahm:  Confirmed, all Nusra terrorists have left this town under increasing pressure from both the Syrian Army and the citizens themselves who chafed at the brazen manner with which Nusra hoarded food and life-supporting materiel, denying the people of the town the ability to survive. In addition to this, Nusra had executed some inhabitants of the town on charges they worked for the government. They have now left for the areas of Yarmouk Camp and the Hajar Al-Aswad.

GOLAN HEIGHTS: Several sources reported a mass defection in the ranks of the FSA (Southern Front, yawn) including Al-Masdar News and Al-Alalam.  I waited to report on this because my sources did not communicate this event to me until today.  The news is that whole brigades of the FSA commanded by SAA deserter ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer Al-Nu’aymi, a common thief and Zionist stooge, left their posts due to the unusually harsh winter conditions and announced through their various Internet sites and cell phones that they were going to link up with ISIS in the East.  How they were going to traverse the area is not clear.  My source says they’ll probably use Jordan.   However, SAA has been put on alert to watch for columns of former FSA Golan criminals and to arrest them, if possible, or, kill them, if necessary.  ISIS is desperate for more terrorists as its diminution in numbers is forcing them to conscript innocent civilians and, even, children.

According to Monzer, the Zionists and their U.S. lackey allies are alarmed at this development.

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