Tal Kuroom Jibbaa:  The Martyrs of Al-Haarra Brigade suffered another disastrous loss yesterday with the announcement that Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s cousin, Subhi ‘Alloosh, fell dead thanks to a blessed bullet fired by one of Syria’s lions in the SAA.  We know Zahraan is anxious to follow his cousin’s lead straight to Hell.  The SAA will do its best to insure proper transportation.

تدمير أربع آليات محملة بالأسلحة بمن فيها من الإرهابيين في ريف اللاذقية الشمالي

Tal Al-Bazzaaq north of Mas-hara:  The SAA destroyed a nest of cockroaches belonging to Jamaal Ma’roof’s soo-to-be-extinct “Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyya” (Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, nyuk).  2 vehicles, a van and a pickup with 23mm cannon were destroyed as part of the New Year festivities in Qunaytra.  Mr. Ma’roof’s last known whereabouts is Turkey:

‘Alaa` Al-Rafee’  (a/k/a “Abu Hamza Al-Rafeedi)

Qays ‘Abdul-‘Aal

Muhammad Al-Qu’ayri

Another 4 could not be identified.




2 important facets to the photo above:  look at how the dark-skinned rat to the left is aiming at a distance of 3 feet and look at the background with the other rodents calmly chatting about the Detroit Lions’ loss to Green Bay.


Al-Baab:  Well, it just doesn’t pay to hold on to principles when you have none to begin with.  And so the story goes. A former commander of the Hama Police Force Rescue Unit, one Major Mustafaa Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hajji, who gave up his career in March 2013 by deserting and joining up with what he thought was the Fake Syrian Army (FSA) died an apostate’s death yesterday in the just hands of ISIS.  He was accused of “irtidaad”, an expression used by Nusra and other Takriri groups to described Shi’is, Druze, ‘Alawis and so forth.

Those of you who are interested in early Islamic history might want to look up the “Huroob Al-Ridda”, The Wars of Apostasy, which the founding Muslims fought against those whose faith slackened after the death of the Messenger Muhammad.


Al-Suwayqaa:  In the Old City, an attempted infiltration on December 30, 2014 was a bust for Nusra.  To assuage their own hurt feelings over their failures, the rats detonated a bomb damaging buildings west of the Al-‘Umraan Bldg.  Nothing but minor physical damage.

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