Damascus.  President Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic bid the now necrotic carcass of “King” ‘Abdullah of Saudi Arabia adieu.  The Prez had no intention of attending the farcical ceremony attendant to the departure of this pre-Iron Age monarch of a “state” still locked in a time zone befitting troglodytes or Morlocks.  It appears, also, that no member of President Assad’s cabinet will be in attendance either.  The Syrian Foreign Minister has other things to do like sitting for his annual medical checkup.  Deputy Foreign Minister, Dr. Faysal Miqdaad, is going to be participating in a skeet shooting contest near Der’ah where the skeets have 2 legs and 2 arms.

Just as Dr. Assad said his goodbyes to Nicolas Sarkozy, Jose Zapatero, Hillary Clinton, William Hague, Sergio Berluscony, Mohamed Morsi, “Prince” Hamad and Madame Banana of Qatar, and so many others who dreamt of his ouster, he now waves a valedictory hand as “King” ‘Abdullah returns to the welcoming breast of his father, Mephistopheles.  Good bye, tata, toodley-doo, aufwiedersehen, hasta la vista baby, arrivederci, dossvedanya, khoda-haafez, a bien tot……

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE also wishes to send his remaining litter of cockroaches left by the “reformist” (tee hee hee) King ‘Abdullah a special valediction as their chief zombie makes his way to Hell:

Salve tibi, Grrrrr you ape! (Apologies to Mr. Browning)

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